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Diet with rice is popular because it uses the unique cleansing properties of this product. Wild rice for weight loss, for example, is widely used in Asian diet.

Rice can collect and remove toxins and salts from the intestine, thus relieving the body. And since overweight people tend to have enough toxins, a rice diet can play a positive role. Therefore, rice is widely recommended nutritionists.

Rice diets are widely used in the diet of their variations – a lot, but whichever option you choose, use whole brown rice, it retains a nutritious bran shell and germ layer, which contain b vitamins, folic acid, minerals: phosphorus, zinc, copper and iodine, fiber. Preferably rice cooked on pair.

Rice removes salts from the body, so on any diet take potassium preparations to maintain potassium-sodium balance.

"Hard" option

Is it Possible to lose weight on rice? If you apply a strict diet of rice – the result will be noticeable almost immediately.

How to cook rice for weight loss:

Boil a Glass of rice and eat it during the day in small portions, drink Apple juice without the sahara.

Diet Duration – from one day (rice fasting day) to three days. One-day option can be repeated once a week, three-day – no more than once a month. With severe hunger during the day allowed to eat 2-3 apples, better green not sweet.

Seven-Day diet on rice

A week on this diet you can part with 3 kg of excess weight.

To Repeat this diet can be times in two months, not more often.

  • 500 grams of rice a day to boil it, better for a couple.
  • Add in rice or separate dish fish or lean meat, vegetables and fruits, dried fruits, nuts, from vegetables can be boil broth. The mass of all the "add-on" products (except rice) up to 200 grams per day.
  • Between main meals you can have a snack of fruit (up to 0.5 kg per day).
  • recommended to Drink freshly squeezed juices (preferably green apples), leafy tea without sugar, it is better green or infusions of herbs, simple or non-carbonated mineral water.

In Addition to these conditions, you are not limited to anything, you can cook any dishes, if you wish, so the variety of the menu depends on your fantasies. Diet rice will lose weight without compromising health and cleanse the body of accumulated toxins over the winter and help develop a habit of a better diet.

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