Remove the fat from LASEK – what methods help to reduce the volume of the hips?

taking Care of getting rid of cellulite is not only a matter of unnecessary fat reserves of the hips, but also the internal state of the woman, the statement of low self-esteem. If the woman herself does not like, it will confuse every fold not only on the thighs, but on the hand, leg, side, left and it would be awful to worry about the question: how to remove fat lyashek?
And maybe she does not suspect that a man loves these lush hips, and he did not care about the idea of how to remove the fat on the straps. But if there's nothing wrong with self-respect, fighting cellulite is only a continuation of self-improvement for yourself and your loved one, it's good: adjust cellulite or lime at all – really.

How to remove cellulite from lyashek?

To remove cellulite with lyashek, it is necessary first to remove the cause of its appearance, and it is: lack of exercise, imbalance of power, violation of the regime of the day. All this leads to the formation of a rough orange peel, which can and should be eliminated. For this purpose it is recommended:

  1. First you need to make a decision for yourself that you really need it. Imagine yourself as you want to see yourself. Think over your program of purposeful step-by-step actions towards achieving the goal.
  2. Now to remove the fat on laskah, you need to make your diet. Eliminate fatty and spicy in the first place, and save yourself from snacking during day's.
  3. to Remove cellulite with buttocks will help massage combined with honey. If you alternate massage with taking a bath with herbs and orange oil, the desired effect will accelerate.
  4. Remove cellulite on the Pope will also help the proposals of specialists: ultrasound therapy, splitting fats and improving blood flow, as well as pressotherapy, the essence of which is to study the problem areas with compressed air.
  5. And the last, about than goes forth speech, this bodily exercises. It is a regular load on the muscles promotes tightness and improve the appearance of spicy parts of the body.

Exercise to burn fat lyashek

If the above methods are combined with physical activity, then the answer to the main question will appear, how quickly to remove cellulite. And the effect will be even stronger if it is not a one-time action, and regular. They must become a habit. It really is to remove fat from lyashek. Exercises in all variety of species will help in this. Then the result will not be long in coming. So, we remove the fat from LASEK:

The First exercise is the usual squats, as in school, where all the muscles of the thighs and buttocks are involved. Squat can be to do with different source position.

How to remove fat in lashkah?

Make it work. Starting position: feet set wider than your shoulders, hands in front, squat, starting position. Not much. time to do it. Better for three sets of 5-10 times to start. But it should be regular. As you feel that the load is small – gradually increase the number of squats. For example, +2 squats every week, especially good when starting initially with five times.

How to remove cellulite on the ass?

Favorite kind of squat in fitness trainers is squat alternately on each leg, i.e. one leg forward, the other bends when squat. Better to start 10 times, but three approach is required, i.e., in General, will come 30 times. Between the approaches you need to relax, for example, to walk and perform any movement. To improve the effect, it is useful to squat 5 times on one leg, 5 times on the other leg. Also perform 3 sets at intervals of 2-3 minutes for rest.

How to remove fat within lyashek?

This is a squat exercise with a big ball. The point is that you have to lean on the ball, pressed against the wall. It is a pleasant occupation massage back and corrects posture.

You can still Squat near the wall without the ball. So quickly remove cellulite will be a little harder, but also more useful, because not only the legs will be strengthened, but also the press and spine.

How to remove fat from lyashek?

Will Help this exercise as the foot to the side, forward, backward. Number of – 10 times with three approaches. It does not hurt to hold on to the wall or chair.

How to remove fat between lyashek?

Here is recommended exercise "Scissors" feet, which is performed lying on the Mat, as well as "Bike".

It is Pleasant to perform these exercises every day under the mobile energetic music, which can be specially selected for this. Favorite songs will do, too. And then in the course of these classes you will not be tormented by the question of how to remove cellulite from the lyashek, because the pleasure of charging together with the right diet and massage in the bath will do its work.

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