Rejuvenating diets: do they really help and what is their essence?

All people are getting old. And there is no reliable way to cancel this process. However, slow it down or postpone – quite. And this will help rejuvenating diets that are not a myth or fiction of journalists, because their action is scientifically proven.

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The Essence of such diets is to give up food, which activates the aging process, and increase consumption of products that contain elements that rejuvenate the body. Let's look at the basic principles of rejuvenating diets.

Basic rules of anti-aging diets

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1. Consume at least 0.5 kg of fresh fruit and vegetables daily. It will be better if you each time will choose them different views. Vegetables and fruits are enriched with antioxidants that fight free radicals that contribute to the process of cell destruction.
2. Try to eat berries every day. They have a positive effect on metabolic processes in the body and contribute to the removal of harmful substances. With regular consumption of berries, you will notice that the excess weight goes faster, and the skin condition becomes much better.

3. Include nuts in the diet (a day is enough to eat one handful). These gifts of nature contain high-quality proteins, vitamins, healthy fats and minerals – an effective combination against wrinkles. In addition, nuts are a preventive measure against atherosclerosis.

4. Drink at least two a day cups of green tea a day. This drink is a leader in the content of a unique substance – catechin, which slows down the aging process.

5. Take 30 ml of linseed oil per day, as it is the main source of omega-3 fatty acids, which help reduce wrinkles and make the skin healthy.

advice! Choose the first cold pressed oil, which is usually sold in pharmacies. Keep it in a cool place.

6. Protein is a building block for muscles, so eat at least 100 grams of protein-rich foods per day. These include chicken, lentils, oats, Turkey, eggs, avocado, peas, beans.

Prohibited products

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Diet of youth involves the refusal of poor quality food, the use of which affects not only appearance, but also provokes the appearance of pathologies of internal organs. A large amount of sugar and processed food leads to weight gain, destroys collagen and promotes skin aging, causes heart disease and diabetes.

To avoid negative consequences, completely exclude the following products from the diet:

  • Lemonade;
  • Chips, French fries;
  • Mayonnaise;
  • All pickles and smoked;
  • Fatty soups with lots of spices;
  • Alcoholic beverages;
  • Hot dogs and sausages;
  • Meat, vegetables, fish in marinade;
  • Donuts and pies on.

Anti-Aging diet has a noticeable effect if you follow its basic principles. It is becoming increasingly common, so in addition to the rejuvenation of the body, has an anti-stress effect and does not require counting calories.

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