Reflux esophagitis: treatment

the name of the disease "Reflux esophagitis" heard not everyone. However, this is one of the most common diseases of the esophagus. Begins this disease is due to a failure in the stomach and intestines, when food from the stomach begins to throw up into the esophagus. Because of this, inflammation of the lower part of the esophagus begins and treatment and a special diet are required.

Symptoms of esophagitis reflux

People have different symptoms of esophagitis reflux, but the characteristic feature is acidic belching and constant heartburn. After a hearty lunch or dinner in the chest area there is a burning sensation. Sometimes this is accompanied by a feeling of "coma in the throat."

Sometimes such sensations appear after drinking carbonated water. A person does not suspect that he has esophagitis reflux disease, he tries to get rid of the feeling of heartburn by drinking a glass of warm water, not knowing that it is necessary to begin treatment of esophagitis reflux and begin to follow a diet.

For this pathology are typified by and other signs of: rapid saturation, bloating and severity of in your stomach. A person feels discomfort, assuming that it caused improper nutrition.

If to treatment of esophagitis reflux does not proceed in a timely manner, the emissions of food into the esophagus become more frequent, which can lead to the development of malignant tumors. With each food intake into the esophagus comes gastric juice and enzymes that corrode the walls of the esophagus. On its walls there are erosion, they grow, which can lead to cancer.

Reflux esophagitis: treatment

Treatment of esophagitis reflux

Like any other disease, reflux is best treated at an early stage, without waiting for the development of ulcers and the opening of internal bleeding. To determine the severity of the disease, endoscopic treatment is used. After that, the doctor determines what will be the reflux esophagitis diet, treatment, need or not surgery. The basis of treatment is the use of special drugs:

  • antisecretory (omeprazole) to reduce gastric acidity;
  • of prokinetics, improves motility of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • antacids required to reduce the negative effects of hydrochloric acid on the walls of the esophagus;
  • metoclopramide that supports the stomach and accelerates its evacuation content's.

From the first day of treatment, a diet for esophagitis is necessary. If you experience any of the disease reflux esophagitis treatment is carried out correctly, all of the erosion on the walls of the esophagus in a timely manner scar. However, in some situations, drug treatment for reflux does not have a positive dynamics, then there is only surgery. This can lead not only to unsuccessful medical treatment, but also the appearance of complications or the appearance of mucosa in the esophagus of the epithelium. The treatment necessarily includes a diet with esophagitis reflux, when some products are completely excluded from the diet.

Diet with reflux

As with any disease of the gastrointestinal tract, nutrition in esophagitis is of great importance for recovery. Some products patients will have to completely exclude from their diet. This fatty meat, chocolate, citrus, mayonnaise, butter and coffee. It is strictly forbidden to use liquor.

Food, in reflux esophagitis should be scheduled at least five times a day and in small portions. You can not have dinner late, there are cold or hot dishes.

Part of the diet in reflux esophagitis include milk products, eggs in any form, lean meats and poultry cooked in steam, cereals, water and yeast-free bread or crackers.

When reflux esophagitis diet should be strictly observed. But it is necessary to observe and other regulations: after eating for hours can not lie or bend the clothes should not compress in the stomach and the sternum, during sleep, the upper part of the human body should be slightly raised.

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