Recipes slender figure "fabrikantki" Sasha Savelieva: menu and exercise

One of the most beautiful couples of domestic show business singer Sasha Savelyeva and her husband actor Kirill Safonov is now enjoying a summer vacation at one of the seaside resorts. Judging by the piquant photos in the Instagram Kirill, he is in complete delight of the perfect figure of his wife. And Sasha herself is not averse to once again demonstrate their elegant forms in a bikini on your own page. At thirty-three years of age, with a height of 168 centimeters, it weighs only fifty kilos. What is the secret of beauty and slim figure of the charming "manufacturer"?

Culinary cravings Sasha Savelyeva

Savelyeva is very fond of vegetables and "leans" on them at any time of the year, especially in summer when they are seasonal, healthy and tasty. The basis of the diet of the singer are vegetable salads and soups. Moreover, in the usual salads Sasha advises to add some unusual an ingredient, such as celery, fennel or red onions, which will give a new taste to overstuffed dishes. The actress has a special passion for vegetable soups. She cooks them without adding meat, prefers to eat a piece of chicken or veal for a second with vegetable salad. Favorite soup singer of cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, potatoes and zucchini is a must-point rider group "Factory". To fruit Savelieva is cautious and perceives it as a dessert, but as a separate, sufficient high-calorie meal. Alexandra drinks at least two liters of water a day, in the heat prefers to freshen up with fresh juices and natural lemonades.

New hobby of singer Sasha Savelyev

Savelyev and do Not forget about exercise. The singer loves to swim and spends his free time usually in the pool or gym. Six months ago, she became interested in Chinese gymnastics qigong, with which, according to the singer, in a short time was able to put in order not only the body but also thoughts. Gymnastics helped the actress to get rid of back pain, periodically occurring during long tours. Qi Gong classes have become so obsessed with Alexander, she was determined to attach him to her husband.

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