Recipes, healthy dinner: eat and lose weight!

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Almost every girl at least once thought about how to lose excess weight. And when the head starts to get desperate thoughts – what to eat to lose weight – on comes in useful fat burning dinner. Naturally, everyone knows that there is no magic and any external transformation is the result of internal changes, because we are what we eat. Eating at eleven hours of the night rolls or pasta, it is difficult to count on a slim figure, if we are not talking about a high school girl with a lightning metabolism. So, consider the options healthy dinner, cooking which will not take much time.

Basic rules and guidelines

1. The volume of the portion should not exceed two handfuls that can fit in your palms. Less is not worth it, otherwise you will slow down your metabolism and stop weight loss.

2. The ideal time for the last meal is three hours before going to bed.

3. If shortly before going to bed you feel a painful feeling of hunger, then drink a glass of kefir with a reduced percentage of fat. Its assimilation will not take much time.

Healthy dinner options

Below we give 5 options for dinner with recipes that will impress even gourmets, but will not harm the figure.

Cabbage salad

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For dinner you can prepare a classic cabbage salad, but improve it a little.

• Take 100 g of cabbage, finely chop it and mash with salt.
• Add grated carrots to it, season with a small amount of oil and vinegar.
• Wait a few minutes for the vegetables to give juice.
• Next, add a small handful of cranberries and a spoonful of crushed pine nuts.
• The resulting mass of pepper and mix.

Black rice with shrimp

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This option is optimal for women who do not eat vegetables.

• Take 50 g of dry black rice and wash it thoroughly. Cook for half an hour using stainless steel utensils. It is better to refuse salt.
• 50 g shrimp, cook until done. Then clean and chop.
• Mix ready-made shrimp and rice.
• As a decoration, you can use a slice cucumber's.

Salad "Path"

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If you want to cook something interesting and useful, then this is perfect salad of broccoli, coconut and avocado.

• Take four broccoli bushes and disassemble them into inflorescences. Boil them.
• Cut into strips of three leaves of Chinese cabbage.
• Take half of the avocado, cut into slices and add to cabbage.
• From fresh coconut cut a slice (about 5 cm long and 1.5 cm wide) and cut it into cubes.
• All ingredients mix and add a little vegetable oil.

Cottage Cheese

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Cottage Cheese for dinner will help to get a fast rate of weight loss. To increase the nutritional value, you can add vegetables and herbs.

• Chop a bunch of greens and send to cottage cheese.
• Finely chop the tomato and add it to the mass.
• Season lightly with pepper.
• You can spread the resulting mass on rye bread.

Chicken breast and vegetables

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Light dinner can be prepared with chicken meat and vegetables'.

• cut Chicken breast into small pieces and soak in soy sauce for ten minutes. Boil until tender.
• Steamed broccoli and courgettes.
• These vegetables also celebrate soy sauce. You can add a little olive oil.

The Right dinner options will be your reliable allies in the fight for the slimness of the figure!

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