Recipes: ginger and lemon drink for weight loss

Many girls dream of a slim figure, because modern standards of beauty are very strict. They do not allow a single gram of excess weight, and those who try to match them, have to be attentive to every extra centimeter in the waist. Therefore, girls use all possible means to lose weight, often combining "grandmother's" recipes with modern drugs.

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It has Long been known that many products contribute to weight loss without causing damage to health. Ginger and lemon are one of them. And today we will look at recipes with the addition of these ingredients that will allow you to become more slender.

The Use of ginger and lemon

Ginger Root has long been famous for its healing properties, it was used by our great-grandmothers, wanting to improve health and improve the condition of the body. In terms of modern medicine, the beneficial properties the product consist in:

  • improving blood circulation;
  • strengthening the immune system;
  • lower blood pressure;
  • lowering cholesterol;
  • accelerating metabolism;
  • appetite improvement.

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About the benefits lemon also known not the first dozen years. In addition to high vitamin C, which helps to strengthen the immune system, lemon accelerates metabolism and cleanses the body with the help of fiber contained in its composition.

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So drink lemon and ginger is very useful and contributes to not only weight loss but also the improvement of the whole organism.

Tips for use

The First thing to consider before the use of a drink of lemon and ginger – it has a rather sharp and sharp taste. So if you drink it for the first time, it is better to make a mixture with a low concentration.

The Second important point relates to any natural products – some of them can cause allergies. So start with a small portion and monitor the condition of your body and skin.

The Drink does not lose its useful properties for a long time, so you can cook a large portion and then store it in in the refrigerator, warming up before use. To improve the taste, you can add other spices – cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, spices.

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Now let's look at popular recipes with ginger and lemon, which are not only useful but also easy to prepare.

Traditional way

Take the ginger root and cut from it a small piece that would fit in a teaspoon. It needs to be peeled and crushed.

Also you will need a lemon, divide it into two equal parts, one of which is cut into slices, and from the other squeeze the juice.

Mix ready-Made ingredients and put in a teapot. You can also use a glass jar. Then fill them with a liter of boiling water and let it brew. Be careful: if you brew a drink in a jar, do not pour the mixture with boiling water – a glass vessel can burst.

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With mint and pepper

This recipe is similar to traditional, but you'll need a liter of boiling water and a half. Add a quarter teaspoon of pepper and a few mint leaves to the crushed ginger and lemon. You can use dried mint, which is sold in the pharmacy.

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With green tea

The following recipe is based on green tea. In a liter of water you will need two teaspoons of green tea and a small piece of ginger. You can use dried ginger – it will need half a teaspoon. The root also need to peel and chop, and when the drink brew, add a slice of lemon right in the Cup.

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These were the most popular recipes for weight loss, which include ginger and lemon. These reliable and time-tested tools will help you become more slender and get rid of those extra pounds. Try it yourself and share a useful article with your friends!

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