Recipe cutlet of carrots – simple, tasty and healthy

When talking about cutlets, we immediately remember meat balls or ovals, which are fried in a frying pan with oil. But in cooking cutlets are prepared not only from meat, they are very popular from different vegetables. To example, from carrot. First, it is very useful. Secondly, it is incredibly tasty. Third, it is very cheap.

Note that the carrot itself is very useful, and its presence on the table is good and only good. And the more carrots you consume the better. But back to the topic of our article – recipe cutlets of carrots. Let's start with the fact that there are a huge number of recipes where carrots play a major role, and it is additional ingredients that become a diluting element. So, recipes cutlets of carrots:

The Easiest recipe

Here except carrots (600 g), flour (200 g) and eggs (2 PCs.) nothing. Of course, for frying will require oil, and for more taste where sea salt. So, carrot rubbed on a coarse grater, it adds eggs, all mixed well, after what is added flour and salt. This minced meat should be left for fifteen minutes, so he came, that is, the carrot juice stood out and made the mixture more sticky. After that, the cutlets are formed and fried in oil.

If you are interested in the question of how to prepare carrot cakes in the oven, there is nothing complicated about it. All do the same, but do not fry the cutlets themselves. Spread them on a greased baking sheet and set in the oven. Usually half an hour for preparation at oven temperature +180C will be enough. By the way, such cutlets from carrots will be dietary.

Recipe chops carrots with semolina

This is a more complicated recipe because in addition to the above ingredients you will need sour cream and semolina (2 tablespoons), half a tablespoon of sugar. Please note that this recipe requires boiled carrots.

Grated carrots should be mixed with all the above products, the resulting mass carefully stir. It is important to obtain a homogeneous mass. Leave it for 20 minutes to semolina has gained in itself, carrot juice and people got indignant. Then form the cutlets and fry in a pan.

Cabbage-carrot cutlets

It's incredible delicious cutlets, which are prepared according to the following recipe.

To do this, you need to first put out the carrots (200 g) with cabbage (500 g), instead of water, it is best to pour cream (100 ml). After that, two eggs and two tablespoons of semolina are added to the resulting vegetable stew. Please note that the cabbage and carrot mass must be pre-cooled, and then the eggs will immediately boil.

Form the cutlets, roll them in breading and fry in oil in the griddle.

Nourishing recipe

A Pound of peeled carrots should be boiled in a glass of milk. After 10 minutes there is covered Hercules (3 tablespoons). It is necessary that croup seethe. Now cool the resulting mass and crush the carrots with a fork. Add 1.5 tablespoons of sour cream, 2 tablespoons of flour, add salt and mix thoroughly. It remains the case only for grated cheese (25 g), which is added gradually, while re-mixing is carried out solution's. You should get a viscous mass.

And here is now process frying. There is a feature of forming cutlets. To do this, do not ball or oval, and cake, which put in the pan, where the butter is heated. Then put some cheese on this cake and cover it with another cake. Fry, as always, on both sides. You will get a very hearty and original cutlet with cheese inside.

Recipe chops carrots with curd

This is probably the most original recipe. The combination of carrots and cottage cheese makes it possible to enjoy two healthy products combined in one dish. First, the grated carrots are boiled until they are half-cooked in milk with the addition of butter. Then added semolina, and all this is brought to full readiness. It is necessary to cool the resulting mass, add cottage cheese and eggs, sugar and salt. All this mix, and then you can form cutlets and fry their.

Bon appetit.

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