Recipe contest 2013: results

Friends! The new year's competition is over, the winners are determined. Very, it is a pity that many good prescriptions for you not commemorated their voices. The editors of the Alphabet of Diets Express their gratitude to our reader Yule 44 that sent a lot of wonderful recipes! We are sure that next time you, our dear users, will participate more actively in competitions, and most importantly, to vote.

First place – Klyuchkova Nadezhda Nikolaevna, Belgorod
Second place – Vyacheslav Kinko, Kharkov
Third place – first places were took Stanislav Viktorovich, Belgorod
Editor's choice – Galina stebeneva

Dear winners! In the near future you will be contacted by our sponsors about getting your honestly earned prizes. All happy holidays!

Your Alphabet Diets.

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