Raw food diet, benefits and harms | For weight loss and health

Raw food Diet – a diet that involves the use of only vegetable and dairy products in raw form, that is not heat treated.
In fact, the raw food diet – one of the forms vegetarianism.

The Ideology of raw food diet is based on the fact that raw plant food contains the energy of the sun, which the plant has accumulated during growth. And when cooked this energy is destroyed.

The Raw food diet is chosen by those who committed to health.
Also, one of the reasons why people choose a raw food diet is the desire to lose weight.

Opinion nutritionists about raw food diet:

  • the Undoubted advantage of this diet is the presence of a large number in the diet of fruits and vegetables from which the body receives vitamins and trace elements, plant fiber.
  • by Itself, a raw food diet cleansing diet.
  • in Addition, such a nutrition system is a good prevention of cardiovascular diseases and cancer, atherosclerosis, hypertension, skin diseases and joint diseases.
  • the Downside of the diet is the possible lack of vitamins and minerals that can be get only from cereals or meat.

Those who adhere to raw food diet for weight loss, please note that nuts contain a large amount of fat.

Raw food Diet is contraindicated in: allergies, chronic pancreatitis and cholecystitis, also raw food diet is contraindicated in children and is not recommended for very elderly people.

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