Ravshan Kurkova frightened fans of unnatural thinness

Weekend ravshana Kurkova spent with mum, going to the suburban hotel and SPA. However, even on vacation, the actress did not forget about their fans, sharing with them the highlights.

In one of the photos in the Stories 38-year-old actress resting in a swimsuit on the couch, showing a slim figure, and the second - swimming in the pool on his back. Also in the Instagram he shared a video from yoga class. 

Ravshan Kurkova in a swimsuitphoto Source: nstagram.com/rav_shana

"Rest and recreation, and sports on schedule. There is no stretching today, but there is yoga," the actress wrote. 

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Figure Kurkovas, of course, stunning, but some fans seriously worried - not too emaciated their favorite actress.

"Rabushka something you shunula. Let's go home", "Already too much with thinness", "it Seems as if she was held in captivity and starved!", - wrote alarmed followers. 

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