Quail eggs: benefits and harms, useful properties, reviews

Quail eggs can now be seen in almost any supermarket. This product has become very popular recently. There's a reason.

It turns Out, under these small spotted shells is a whole storehouse vitamins and useful substances. Protein in them too much (even more than in chicken eggs), but the calories contained moderate number.


What is the use of quail eggs?
is it Possible to eat quail eggs to children?
quail Eggs for men
How to cook?
how Many quail eggs to eat?
Can I eat raw quail eggs?

What is the use of quail eggs?


  • Vitamins: A, B1, B2, PP. Their content is 2 times more than in chicken eggs.
  • Minerals: calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium. 5 times more than chicken eggs.
  • amino Acids: tyrosine, threonine, glycine and lysine.

Interesting fact. due To the presence of tyrosine in quail eggs, a pigment is formed that causes a healthy skin color. So eggs quail are used in the cosmetic industry.
Quail eggs: benefits and harms
Useful properties of quail eggs:

  • cleanse the liver and kidneys
  • normalize the activity of the gastrointestinal tract
  • mitigate toxicosis
  • normalize pressure
  • strengthen bones, teeth, nails, hair
  • strengthen and restore immunity when exposed to adverse environmental conditions. factors
  • radionucleides are removed from the body.

There is the benefits quail eggs of diabetes and bronchial asthma.


Is it Possible to eat quail eggs to children?

Can and should! There are several reasons for this:

  1. first, it's interesting. Children like everything unusual, and your child will enjoy small patchy "kindersurprise".
  2. Secondly, quail eggs are very useful and contain many substances necessary for a growing child's body. Regular consumption of 1-2 eggs a day improves memory and vision, strengthens the nervous system.
  3. Third, it is a dietary and hypoallergenic product. Your baby is not diathesis, even if the chicken eggs to him contraindicated.

Quail Eggs for men

Quail eggs are a unique product. They are 5 times smaller than a chicken egg, but it contains a lot more nutrients that will not harm your body. They are also called the elixir of health and youth In one egg a person gets almost everything necessary trace elements.

Is There any benefit in quail eggs for men? In Japan, they are part of the diet of all men. In Bulgaria, experts from chemistry and biology found that quail eggs are more effective than viagra. They've invented a cocktail called "youth". The effect of this elixir is wonderful. The reason for this effect is the content of a large number of trace elements, iron, phosphorus and minerals in one small egg.

The Germans have long noticed the positive effect and drink in the morning, 4 quail eggs, with their 10 g of vodka, who insisted on walnut. Those Germans who Breakfast so every morning, have a good potency and appreciate the action of quail eggs for men.

How to cook?

Just put pre-washed and non-cold eggs in boiling water and cook until tender.

1-2 minutes – soft-boiled eggs.

5 minutes – hard-boiled.

There is and another way to: in a little sack. Here the cooking method a little differs. You need to put eggs in cold bring water to a boil. Immediately after this take the pan off from the stove and leave eggs in hot water for another half a minute. Then pull out and rinse with cold water.

How Many quail eggs to eat?

100 grams of this product contains:

  • 168 Kcal;
  • 12 gr. fat;
  • 13.1 gr. protein.

Weigh one egg 10-12 gr. To provide your body with a daily supply of vitamins and minerals, it is enough to eat 1-2 eggs.

A number of quail eggs that will not harm your body, perhaps even with diet.

Can I eat raw quail eggs?

Of Course, eggs that have not undergone heat treatment, they contain more nutrients. And for medicinal purposes you can drink them raw. But! You have to make sure they're not infected with salmonellosis. Otherwise, it may harm your health.

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