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According to the ancient sages, the human body consists of energy. If it is directed in the right direction, you can rejuvenate and improve your own body. Qi energy is a source of vitality and longevity. To give it to open, master Lee Holden developed a set of exercises. What is qigong and how to do the exercises to ensure the correct work of Qi energy? Come on deal!

What is qigong?

Qigong was Born in China, where among the sages there was an opinion that the correct use of Qi energy helps to improve any human organ. Qigong is not only a complex of physical, but also breathing exercises. Thanks to him, you can easily get rid of stress, reduce weight, restore the digestive system.

qigong morning exercise

Qigong Use

Physical exercises and breathing exercises qigong are chosen so well that almost all muscle groups work in the process of their implementation. A particularly large benefit from morning exercise, which energizes the all day, giving the man new strength.

The Use of qigong with Lee Holden is obvious. First of all, morning gymnastics accelerates metabolic processes in the human body. This is due to the flow of a large amount of oxygen into the bloodstream, which contributes to proper breathing. Taking just a few minutes in the morning to exercise qigong, you can maintain your weight normal without dieting and exhausting workouts.

qigong morning exercise

Per the account of massaging movements, which are also included in the complex of qigong exercises with Lee Holden, you can get rid of the following diseases:

  • the hypotonia of blood vessels and other diseases associated with changes in blood pressure;
  • Oncology – ancient masters of China argue that morning exercises qigong contribute to stopping the development of malignant tumors;
  • joint and bone diseases – qigong morning exercise with Lee Holden relieves pain, localized in the bones and joints;
  • obesity – due to the acceleration of metabolism due to the correct combination of exercise and breathing, it is possible to accelerate metabolism, reducing weight and getting rid of fat deposits;
  • diseases associated with malfunction of the Central nervous system.

In Addition to restoring the functions of internal organs, the result of qigong exercises is noticeable externally. The skin becomes more elastic and supple. In part, this is is due to its saturation with oxygen during the execution of breathing exercises.

Note! the Undeniable advantage of qigong exercises is that they are simple and accessible for beginners. To improve health, you can start charging at any time, without additional physical training.

Qigong Exercises is best done in the morning time of the day, predvaritelno proverif room. Clothes can be choose on own discretion, but it should not constrain movement.

The qi Gong with Lee Holden

A set of exercises qigong with Lee Holden consists of several components, without which the exercises will not be effective. When charging, it is important to concentrate on the energy that fills the body.

qigong morning exercise

To exercise qigong were the most effective in the fight against excess weight, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

  1. Correct breathing movements. When performing qigong gymnastics, it is important to use deep abdominal breathing coming from the lower abdomen. When you inhale, the air fills the abdominal cavity, and when you exhale, there is maximum relaxation. It is correct breathing helps to enrich the blood with oxygen, accelerate metabolism, make the immune system stronger and the body healthier.
  2. Attracting Qi energy. Chinese master Lee Holden recommends that during gymnastics qigong concentrate on internal sensations. He claims that without this it is not necessary to wait for the result. If you concentrate on the internal energy, you can get rid of stagnation and improve your appearance.
  3. Massage. When performing a massage during qigong sessions, vital points on the body are activated. It is believed that in them is the energy of Qi. Massage is done sharply, vigorously, but not with the use of force. It helps to get rid of cellulite's.
  4. Proper nutrition. During exercise qigong is important to maintain proper nutrition. In the diet you need to enter a large number of vegetables and fruits to enrich the body with vitamins. Harmful products should be excluded from the daily menu. This helps to restore digestion and get rid of excess weight.

Note! In the first phase of implementation of qigong exercises diet can affect the permanent obsessive hunger. The Chinese recommend in such cases intensively massaging the large and index fingers of the auricles for two minutes. This method can help to gain a sense of saturation and eliminate the attack of hunger.

To understand better what is qi Gong with Lee Holden, is to consider a few basic exercises that are suitable for morning exercises.

Exercise "Frog"

  1. Sit down on high chair, place the thigh and Shin at a right angle, knees apart by shoulder width.
  2. Hold left hand in fist, to clasp his right hand. Place elbows on knees.
  3. Lean forward, resting his forehead on his left hand. Relax and cover your eyes slightly.

charging qigong exercise frog

When performing the frog exercise, the breathing technique is quite simple. Inhalation is made through the nose, resulting in the lower abdomen is filled with air. Exhalation is made slowly through the mouth, the stomach relaxes. After that, you need to immediately take a deep breath, filling the abdominal cavity with air. Then you should hold your breath for just a couple of seconds, then again to make a short breath. And only after that you can slowly exhale the air. When performing breathing exercises, it is important that the chest does not rise. Only the stomach takes part in breathing.

Exercise "Wave"

  1. Lie on your back, bend your knees to form a right angle. The feet are placed flat on the floor.
  2. One hand to place on the chest, and the second to put lower on your stomach.
  3. Do the right respiratory movement.

qigong exercise wave charging

Breathing techniques in this exercise is to expand the chest on the inhale with simultaneous retraction of the abdomen, and retraction of the chest on the exhale, inflating the abdominal cavity. If you perform breathing exercises qigong correctly, the movements carried out by the chest and abdomen, similar to the sea wave.

Note! If there is discomfort, dizziness, deterioration well-being, exercise should be stopped immediately.

Chinese masters of argue that with the help several exercises "Wave of" manages to suppress the episode hunger. In General, it is necessary to make 40 breaths.

Exercise "Lotus"

  1. Sit in the Lotus position.
  2. put your Hands on his feet, turned with palms up. The right hand should be on the left. The back is straight, the shoulders and chin are slightly lowered, and the chest is exposed ahead.
  3. Cover your eyes, relax and do breathing exercises.

Breathing is shallow and smooth. Belly and chest do not make sudden movements. This breathing should be maintained for five minutes. After that, you need to take a breath and relax completely on the exhalation. This breathing is maintained for a few minutes.

Morning exercises qigong 10 minutes

As mentioned, qigong exercises with Lee Holden are best performed in the morning, which helps to gain energy for the whole day. Such classes are especially useful for those who do not have enough time to charge. Morning gymnastics qigong will strengthen not only the body but also the spirit, make the brain work harder, which is sure to have a positive impact on performance.

Only 10 minutes are enough to do morning qigong exercises according to the method of Lee Holden, as you can see by reading video.

Morning exercises qigong 15 minutes

Taking only 15 minutes of morning exercises qigong daily, after a few days you can feel much better, feel a surge of vitality. The main thing is not to be lazy and allocate time for regular training. To help is a video.

Morning exercises qigong 20 minutes

For those who are trying to lose weight with a set of qigong exercises, morning exercises for 20 minutes perfect. It is important to carefully read the video, which clearly presents the technique.


Qigong Exercises can not be performed by everyone. Contraindications apply to the following cases:

  • curvature of the spinal column;
  • colds;
  • the use of drugs;
  • exacerbation of chronic ailments;
  • overheating or hypothermia;
  • high body temperature.

In General, it is not recommended to practice if you feel unwell. Also, classes should be postponed if the stomach is full. It is advisable to eat one last time an hour before training.

Video: qigong exercise set with Lee Holden

You can Do qigong exercises at home using video lessons. They clearly show all the details, as well as detail the main nuances. The following videos are recommended.

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