Purple tea Chang Shu: real reviews

Not so long ago it became known about such a tool for weight loss as purple tea Chang Shu, the effectiveness of which is confirmed by real reviews of losing weight, published on thematic forums. Its composition includes herbs, so it is useful for the human body. In addition to the splitting of fat deposits, Tibetan tea for weight loss Chang Shu helps to normalize metabolism, improves skin condition, strengthens the immune system. Despite the obvious benefit, there are negative reviews that indicate a lack of effectiveness after taking a "healing" drink. So, the whole truth about Chai Chang Shu – "divorce" or an effective tool for weight loss?

What is Chang Shu purple tea?

In Tibet, the drink is prepared by their tea tree flowers, which are harvested in ecologically clean regions. Po properties the plant is similar to eucalyptus, belongs to the Myrtle family. In appearance it is an evergreen tree with small dry leaves and fluffy white or yellowish inflorescences.

Composition and useful properties

The Beneficial properties of purple Chang Shu tea are due to the following components:

  • bioflavonoids – strengthens the walls of blood vessels, decreases the level of cholesterol;
  • dopamine – improves mood, allows you to get enough of a small amount of food due to the pulses of saturation sent to the brain;
  • vitamins – strengthen the immune system;
  • synephrine – breaks down body fat;
  • catechins – burn fats, reduce cholesterol and blood sugar;
  • chromium picolinate – eliminates the feeling of hunger, strengthens muscles and nervous system.
  • methylxanthine – burns fat deposits;
  • caffeine and thiamine – enrich with energy;
  • lutein – positively affect vision;
  • tannins – restore the work of the digestive tract, improve digestion, promote the elimination of toxins and other harmful substances from the body, prevents inflammation.

In Addition, Tibetan tea Chang Shu smoothes shallow wrinkles, improves not only the skin but also nails, hair, prevents the development of gynecological diseases, stroke and heart attack.

Note! Reviews slimming suggest that with a large weight with tea Chang Shu can be 3 months to get rid of up to 27 kilograms. Not only that, the dropped weight is not returned, but the components, included in the means, do not cause addiction.

In Addition to the above beneficial actions, purple Chang Shu tea has another unique property. It breaks down carbohydrates and fats that enter the human body with food. This means that you can eat smoked, fatty and fried dishes and not get better.

The Greatest effect is observed with proper nutrition and exercise.

How to make Chang Shu tea?

To get the highest efficiency after consuming Tibetan Chang Shu tea, you need to know how to brew it properly. There are certain rules that must be followed during cooking drink:

  • you need to drink tea fresh, so you need to brew a new portion of each separately and immediately before use;
  • to brew a drink, you need to put in a Cup of about 5-7 inflorescences, pour hot water in an amount of 250 ml, but do not use cool boiling water, as this can cause a decrease in the useful properties of tea;
  • it takes about 10 minutes to brew the drink, it should become a purple color;
  • when the tea is infused, it must be filtered;
  • honey or lemon can be added to improve the taste.

Drink warm. If for some reason a small amount of tea remains in the Cup, it is not recommended to use it later. For the next time you need to brew a new drink, and from the old best to get rid of. It has no nasty taste, is drunk It's easy.

Recommendations for use

In each package of tea Chang Shu is a detailed manual that tells how to prepare and take the drink. For weight loss drink his courses. During the first week you need to drink 14 cups of tea - every morning and evening. After that, you need to take a break, the duration of which is 7 days. The total duration of the course – no more than 3 months. Repeat the course after 3-4 months.

At note! Healing tea Chang Shu belongs to the category of strong means, because it has a significant effect on the body. This means that exceeding the dosage can lead to negative consequences. On this basis, it is necessary to adhere to these doses and drink the drink according to the instructions. It is strictly forbidden to take it at the same time with other means of weight loss.


Although the use of Chang Shu tea is proven, the medium for weight loss has contraindications. The prohibitions for the use of the drink are as follows:

  • exacerbation Allergy;
  • high sensitivity of the body to one or more components of tea;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • hypotension;
  • age up to 18 years.

In case of non-compliance with the established dosages, side effects are not excluded. In particular, this is associated with negative reviews consumers regarding the use of Tibetan purple Chang Shu tea for weight loss. Among the undesirable effects are swelling, abdominal pain, flatulence, thirst. Side effects do not have a strong detrimental effect on human health and quickly disappear after the use of acceptable doses or complete exclusion of the drink from the diet.

Tibetan Chang Shu tea: truth or "divorce"?

People, tasted purple tea Chang Shu for weight loss, leave him numerous positive reviews. They are pleased with the effect: they claim that the drink helped them get rid of excess weight without significant effort. However, there are also negative reviews of consumers regarding purple Chang Shu tea, which are mainly associated with the use of contraindications, exceeding the permissible dosages or the purchase of low-quality goods. As for medical workers, many agree with the positive effect of the drink. But the reviews of some doctors are still negative: they do not recommend their patients to take purple tea Chang Shu for weight loss.

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