Purifying jelly "lose Weight in a week"

Various complexes for weight loss, produced by various companies, help not only to get rid of kilograms and centimeters, but also to clear of toxins. The company "Leovit" in this regard is no exception, today we will discuss their miraculous cleansing jelly "lose Weight in a week", the name, we hope, speaks for itself.

What is included?

The kissel contains natural ingredients such as corn stigmas, barberry, celery, citric and malic acids, coriander and Bay leaf spices, and green tea. Viscous thick consistency is created by adding corn starch and oats to the drink. For the process of cleansing the body from harmful substances meet the stigma of corn, celery and green tea. Corn serves as a choleretic and diuretic, celery provides a detoxification process, while having a positive effect on the Central nervous system, green tea – a great antioxidant that strengthens the walls of blood vessels and reduces their permeability. In addition to cleansing, jelly tones, has anti-inflammatory and angioprotective effects, and stimulates the digestive system due to included in its composition Bay leaf, coriander, Apple and beet pectin. A pleasant addition will be a soft sweet raspberry taste of the drink, which perfectly quenches thirst and reduces appetite.
By the way, the shape of the jelly is not chosen by chance, because due to its viscous texture, it is able to envelop the walls of the stomach, as well as reduce acidity.

Who is shown?

Purifying Jelly is useful if you want to cleanse the body, lose a few extra pounds, adjust the digestive system, get rid of constipation. It is also suitable for patients with chronic cystitis, pyelonephritis, gastric ulcer, help with poisoning and allergic reactions.
Reviews of "lose Weight in a week" are very different from each other. Someone kissel approached, liked the cleansing effect and mild taste, those who expected sharp changes in weight, were disappointed. The process of weight loss begins only with a comprehensive approach, diet therapy. Kissel should complement a balanced diet, it also organically fit into a comprehensive program Leovit "lose Weight in a week." Can be carried out on a jelly fasting day, but not more than once in week.
To make jelly is quite simple: 2 tablespoons of dry mixture are filled with boiling water, and then infused for 10-15 minutes. Apply a drink 2-3 times a day for 20-30 minutes before meals, if you want to achieve the best effect, you can replace them with one of the meals, such as dinner. After you drank the jelly, it is better not to eat heavy fatty foods.

Whom is contraindicated?

Like any product, u purifying jelly Yes contraindications, their, need to say, a bit. First of all, the drink is contraindicated by diabetics because of the sugar contained in it. Allergies should carefully read the composition and consult with your doctor. Strictly contraindicated means pregnant and lactating women, people with infectious diseases in the acute phase, patients suffering from renal or heart failure, as well as those who have recently undergone surgery.

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