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Dr. Ginzburg's pulse dietthe Ginzburg Pulse diet was developed by a professional dietitian, doctor of medical Sciences. Michael Ginzburg conducted clinical trials of his invention, and achieved a weight loss of 5-10% in just a month in the test group. The peculiarity of this weight loss scheme is that it is based on the usual diet of the Russian, contains affordable products and teaches you how to eat right.

The Only "minus" – some time we'll have to spend it to learn how to cook without extra fat. The Ginzburg diet is designed for long-term use, and can be used even pregnant or nursing women. Consider the basic principles of diet from Dr. Ginzburg.

Pulse diet Dr. Ginzburg: principles

First of all, you don't need to fast or permanently adhere to the "unloading" stage. You should focus on your health.

  • If increased appetite, you should eat a normal low-fat diet.
  • Feel ready for the active phase? Go on a diet for weight loss.
  • Well, in those days, when may be limited to a very small amount of food, it is possible to connect a fasting diet.

Many articles about pulse diet Ginzburg saying that it is necessary to arrange fasting days. Michael Ginzburg in his many books says that at the initial stage is quite enough of the usual low-fat diet and reasonable portion control. You can then connect more stringent plans, but only if it is really necessary

Low-Fat diet Mikhail Ginzburg

Low-fat diet means any diet in which the consumption of fats is reduced to 20 g per day. You can eat anything you want, but you should control the size of the portions, gradually include vegetables and fruits in the diet, as well as reduce the share of processed products and semi-finished products.

Small portions of sweets are allowed On a low-fat diet. You can afford 30 grams of marshmallows or marshmallows a day, and treat yourself to a spoonful or two of natural honey or cane sugar.

Ideally, you should not give up meat and dairy products, you should learn how to choose fat-free options. Cottage cheese can be eat with fruit puree, and here is from artificially sweetened yoghurts and curds need to to abstain.

Per day you should consume at least 5 servings of vegetables and fruits without butter and cream, 2 servings of porridge, 2 servings of protein sources and 1-2 dessert spoons of olive or other vegetable oil. With caution should be treated to baking and desserts, as adequately calculate how many fats are usually not possible.

Sample menu diet on the Ginzburg day looks like this:

Breakfast: a portion of oatmeal on the water, half a banana,100 g fat-free yogurt's.
Second Breakfast: 100 g of low-fat cottage cheese plus Apple
Lunch: vegetable soup without "roasting", steam chicken cutlet, half a portion of a side dish of buckwheat or brown rice.
Afternoon snack: 4-5 dried apricots plus yogurt or cottage cheese. Dried fruits can be replaced with marshmallows or marshmallows.
Dinner: a portion of low-fat fish plus vegetable salad with oil and lemon juice.

Pulse diet Ginzburg: the stage of active weight loss

During active weight loss you should reduce the amount of simple carbohydrates in your diet. It should strive to completely eliminate any sweets, except natural fruits. Preferably eat apples and pears, not bananas and grapes. At this stage of the pulse diet, Mikhail Ginzburg recommends replacing Breakfast with a protein-carbohydrate cocktail "Dr. slim", and eating half a portion of the drink before lunch and dinner to avoid attacks of hunger.

Calorie and nutritional value of one serving of cocktail Dr. slim:

Protein, g, not less – 6.5;
Fat, g, no more – 0,2
Carbohydrates, g, not less – 6,0
Calorific value, kcal – 50.9

However buy cocktail at all not necessarily, you can indispensable "shake" from halves of any fruit and 50 g cottage cheese 0% fat content.

The rest of the time should be given preference to the combination of "lean meat or fish plus vegetables."

Menu of the active phase of weight loss on a diet Ginzburg will be something like this:

Breakfast: Dr. slim (or 50 g cottage cheese with half a fruit) coffee without sugar (can be added a little skim milk).
Second Breakfast: a portion of the Doctor slim.
Lunch: vegetable soup with vegetable broth, 150 g steamed chicken breast, 1/2 portion of Dr. slim is allowed before lunch.
Afternoon snack: a portion of Dr. slim (or cottage cheese with half a fruit).
Dinner: a portion of fish or seafood plus 200-300 g of vegetables in any form, before dinner – 1/2 portion Dr. slim.
Before going to bed: if you feel hungry, you can eat a salad of vegetables without oil, a slice of bran some bread, Dr. slim.

Fasting days

A day of Fasting on the pulse power is 2-4 servings of cocktails "Doctor-slim" or an equivalent amount of cottage cheese with fruit plus 3 servings of vegetables for about 200-350 grams each.

Water is not limited at every stage of Dr. Ginzburg's diet, it is worth drinking as soon as you want you Can also drink coffee or tea, but only without sugar.

This is one of the softest and effective diets, Supplement it with walking or other exercises that would bring you pleasure and not too overloaded the body, and you will see the results in just 1-2 months. Diet teaches proper fractional power, and will allow you to lose weight without experiencing bouts of hunger.

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