Pull-UPS on the bar: the right technique that give exercise

One of the oldest methods of strengthening the muscles of the arms, back, chest and press is pulling on the bar. This exercise can be carried out in several variations, which makes it possible to shift the load and efficiently work out a specific group of muscles. Engage on the bar can not only men but also women. And if the first initial task is to increase muscle mass and create relief, then for representatives of the weaker sex is important to strengthen the muscles, make them elastic, tighten the sagging skin on the hands. Changing the technique of performing pull-UPS, it is possible to achieve a particular result.

What give pull-UPS?

During pull-UPS on the bar several muscle groups are activated simultaneously:

  • the widest dorsal (it is worth noting that they account for most of the load);
  • trapezoidal – actively involved in lifting and lowering the body;
  • biceps – also significantly are engaged;
  • forearm muscles;
  • Delta;
  • oblique and rectus muscles of abdomen are additionally involved in the implementation of exercises;
  • extensor muscles located on the back.

Common variants

When pull-UPS are performed on the bar with a straight middle grip, the load is evenly distributed over the muscles. It is believed that this is a classic method. In addition, the following types of pull-UPS on the bar are popular:

  • with wide grip – most of the load is moved the broadest muscles of the back;
  • reverse narrow grip – active biceps;
  • with a straight narrow grip – the main load falls on the shoulder muscles;
  • with parallel grip – the lower part of the broadest back muscles and biceps are worked out;
  • with a wide grip on the head – actively working muscles of the upper back;
  • on one hand – help to increase the load on specific muscle groups, practiced professionals.

Answering the question that give pull-UPS, we can say that the exercises on the bar help to develop strength and endurance in the hands, strengthen muscles and build muscle mass, make the body fit, which will affect the improvement of appearance.

Note! To increase muscle mass, during pull-UPS on the bar, you need to slowly raise the body and sharply lower it down. To simply strengthen the muscles, you need to act contrary (is used a sharp rise and slow the folding).

Classic pull-UPS on the bar

First of all, I want to clarify that the classic pull-UPS on the bar are carried out by direct medium grip. This means, when the girth of the crossbar palms turned away from the body. Regardless of the type of exercise, when lifting the torso is exhaled, and when descending – inhale.

Only the correct pull-up technique on the bar will give the expected result:

  1. Take a direct grip on the crossbar, placing the brush on the shoulder width. Slightly bend your back, cross your feet with each other.
  2. to lift the body so that the chin went over the crossbar. Lifting is carried out by means of muscles of a back and hands. If done correctly, you can feel how they have decreased when the body reaches the highest point.
  3. go Down down.

Do as many repetitions as required according to the training program.

When performing the exercise, the body should move in one line. It does not need to be shaken or deflected to the side.

Wide-grip pull-UPS

It Should be noted that the technique of performing pull-UPS with a wide grip does not differ too much from the classical performance of the exercise. The main difference is that between the brushes holding the crossbar, the distance is wider than the shoulders. Moreover, the larger the distance, the more load will be in the latissimus dorsi muscle.

Technique of pull-UPS wide grip:

  1. Hang on the bar, grasping the crossbar with your hands, placing the hands wider than the shoulders. Spread your elbows on the sides. When they are put forward, the main load will go to the biceps.
  2. while exhaling, raise body, bringing the elbows to the body. First of all, the back muscles should work, not the arms. At the highest point, the crossbar should be at chest level.
  3. Slowly descend on the breath, taking the starting position.

Do the required number of repetitions.

Pull-UPS on the bar with a narrow back grip

The palms of the hands are turned to the body In reverse grip. It is called narrow if the distance between the hands is less than the width of the shoulders. Hands are on the crossbar close to each other, about 20 cm.

Technique of pull-UPS on the bar reverse narrow grip:

  1. Take the starting position: hang on the bar, hold the bar narrow reverse grip. Elbows to put forward.
  2. Exhale and lift the body to the chin went over the crossbar.
  3. Inhale and lower the body down.

Perform multiple repetitions.

Pull-UPS on horizontal ladder

Doing the exercise on the horizontal ladder helps to strengthen the back muscles. It is worth noting that this option brings benefits to pull-UPS organism's. In this case, there is one important feature: using the back muscles, you can change the angle of the body. In other words, the legs are slightly amenable to forward, thus giving a more horizontal position. This will be the starting position. It is important to note that the design features of the horizontal ladder do not allow you to stick your head between the bars. That is why such a deviation of the body will be very useful.

The Technics of performance of pullings up on a horizontal stairs:

  1. Accept the starting position described above. Hands hold the rungs of the ladder parallel grip.
  2. tilt your head back Slightly and stretch your chest to the rungs.
  3. having Reached the highest point of the body, lower it, taking the starting position.

Do the right number of times, following the correct breathing technique.

Note! Professionals recommend beginners alternately perform different types of pull-UPS in one workout. As a result, the load will be complex.

Problems when performing exercises

If you do not follow the correct technique, you can cause injury to muscles and joints, do not achieve the expected result. Therefore, when performing pull-UPS on the bar, it is important to avoid certain mistakes so that the lesson does not pass wasted.

The Main problems when performing pull-UPS on the bar are as follows:

  • calluses – incorrect grip is the cause of calluses on the palms, this usually occurs with a weak grip, when the hands move freely around the crossbar and the skin rubs against its surface;
  • falls – the reason is similar to the previous one, a weak grip becomes the reason that the person breaks off the horizontal bar, not calculating the strength of your weight;
  • injuries – in any sport injuries are possible, they are not excluded and when pulling up on the bar, the most vulnerable muscle is the bicep and shoulder muscle, usually injury occurs
  • pain – often when performing pull-UPS on the bar, there is pain to the elbows and shoulders, which causes discomfort and does not allow to continue the exercise, in this case you will have to undergo a medical examination to identify hidden injuries and pathologies'.

Any of the problems can be avoided if you adhere to safety precautions and perform the exercises correctly.

Note! To increase the efficiency of pull-UPS on the bar, you can perform them with weights. For this purpose, dumbbells, kettlebells and other equipment are suitable, which is easy to attach to the legs or on the belt. Pull-UPS with weights in this case will be more difficult, but the load on the muscles will be more. Beginners should not to take risks and to make the exercise complicated. As a rule, pull-UPS on the bar with weights are chosen by professionals who have gained experience and achieved certain results.

Key recommendations

To the effectiveness of pull-UPS on the bar remained at a height and training did not have to be interrupted because of injuries, it is necessary to listen to the recommendations that give beginners professionals:

  • when executed exercises do not need to make sudden movements, jerks, they should be smooth, otherwise there is a high probability of injury;
  • if you decide to deal with the burden, the best option is to hang the pancakes to the belt and hold them with your feet, so as not to sway;
  • do not linger over the crossbar when reaching the maximum point, a small fixation is enough (not more than 1 second);
  • during winter training on the street necessarily you need to wear non-slip gloves, otherwise the exercise will be uncomfortable;
  • it is important to balance the whole body and does not wobble;
  • below simultaneously with other muscles to train the press when performing pull-UPS, you must lift your feet area.

Since pull-UPS on the bar do not give the opportunity to pump up the legs, the training program should include exercises to work out the muscles of the lower body. This will allow you to achieve uniform athletic build.

Video: the right technique pull-UPS on the bar

As you know, pull-UPS on the bar make it possible to effectively work out most of the muscles of the body. Therefore, they must be included in the set of exercises. Beautiful and toned athletic body is important for both men and women. It attracts looks and interest from the opposite sex. But the results can be achieved only with strict compliance with the technique of performing pull-UPS on the bar.

Experienced professionals share their experience and give valuable advice that can be seen in the video.

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