Psychology of weight loss: TOP 6 bad thoughts that prevent us

Sometimes it seems to us that some unknown force interferes on the way to the desired weight loss. Most often we attribute it to their laziness, "wolf" appetite and nutritional errors.

However, strong interference on the way to a slender body can occur psychologically. Next, consider the TOP 6 bad thoughts that prevent you from losing weight!

6 bad thoughts

Right attitude – loyal ally in the fight against overweight. So put your head in order and throw away the mental "garbage"!

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6 thoughts, from which is to get rid of:

1. "I have a bad heredity. My parents are also full." of Course, if you have a predisposition to fullness, you will have to make more effort, but it is still possible to lose extra pounds. Every effort is yours the body will accept with gratitude, but full relatives will probably discourage weight loss, however, this problem can be solved. Just mark your boundaries and learn how to defend them.

2. "I tried many times to lose weight, but I did not succeed." the Bitterness of past failures deprives of motivation, resulting in depression and pre-configures to failure. Just this thought to another: "I have tried many times to lose weight, but now I just get rid of excess weights."

Note! ? One of the best ways to lose weight is compliance principles of proper nutrition. ? ? ?

3. I snapped. To continue is not meaning's." let's Say you had a relapse and you ate that extra. In this case, it is not necessary to quit the diet. You can come up with a "punishment" in the form of physical activity (for example, 100 jumping rope or 20 pull-UPS). Thus, you will spend extra calories, stop blaming yourself and direct your energy in a positive direction.

4. "Others lose weight easier than me." If you want to succeed in losing weight, then stop spending energy comparing yourself to others. After all, only the result of human efforts can be seen from the side and we can not know exactly what difficulties he had to fight.

5. "I'll prove to everyone that I..." Psychologists believe that people who try to prove their importance to everyone are more likely to gain excess weight. The expression "have weight in society" on a subconscious level may be taken too literally. Therefore, it is necessary to realize that every person a priori is significant and there is no need for someone to prove something.

THE ABC RECOMMENDS Excess weight can be "infected"?

6. "I will go on a diet on Monday, after the holidays, before the holidays...". be put off losing weight then this is absolutely the way to start. If you want to get rid of excess weight, then today take steps towards your goal!

Getting rid of bad thoughts is already half the success on the way to a slim body, so do not spare time to put things in order in your head!

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