Psychological tricks that help to lose weight

Relying on willpower alone when losing weight, women do not always come to the desired result. And some years can not find a way out of the vicious circle of "diet - failure - diet - failure".

What to do? Use psychological tricks. They serve as a kind of "crutches", based on which you can go through a difficult area on the way to the desired slim!

7 psychological stratagems

There Is an indissoluble connection between the mind and the body, but the priority is still in the brain, because it controls the behavior. Using 7 psychological tricks, you will be able to negotiate with him and achieve success on the way to lose weight!

photo Source:№ 1. Set realistic goals

Your decision to lose 10 kg in a week is initially doomed to failure, and as a result - leads to a decrease in motivation. It is better to set a goal every week to lose 1 kg. Small steps you are sure to achieve high results.

No. 2. Enlist the support of

Will be perfect if you find yourself a real girlfriend will be able to walk together in gym, exchange diet recipes and motivate each other not to give up in the fight for the perfect body. You can also find a virtual "support group" on various forums and social networks, where girls communicate with the problem of overweight.

No. 3. Enter the system of rewards and punishments

Reward yourself for every victory on the way to slimness, but don't do it with candy or cakes. For example, you can treat yourself to a massage at the SPA or buy a new sports top. If you eat too much, then "punish" yourself with additional physical activity. Thus, you will direct the energy in a peaceful direction, and will not torment yourself with guilt.

No. 4. Motivate yourself

At the sight of the familiar, dropped a dozen pounds, do not blame yourself for weakness and eat up the disappointment of sweets. Let the people who have achieved their goal become your motivators. You can be inspired by real weight loss stories as well photo girls "before" and "after" Transfiguration.

No. 5. Take your hands

A Large number of breakdowns in weight loss is due to boredom. Women do not know what to do with themselves watching TV, and constantly run to the refrigerator. Therefore, it is very important to find a hobby that will take your hands: knitting, beading, sewing and other crafts. This will reduce the desire to reach for a plate of cookies or crackers.

THE ABC RECOMMENDS slimming Visualization: an unusual way to lose weight No. 6. Keep a positive attitude

As a rule, happy and peaceful people eat less. Happiness hormones, which are produced in the body, are powerful stimulants of saturation. To increase the production of endorphin and serotonin, listen to pleasant music more often, watch comedies and communicate with positive people.

No. 7. Not pay attention to negative statements

Sometimes family members or friends do not accept your actions and do not believe that you will succeed. But if you are confident in achieving this goal, then do not pay attention to the negative statements and persistently move forward!

If you start to combine sport and proper nutrition with psychological tricks, your chances of success will seriously increase!

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