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Psychocorrection of weightYou want to lose weight, and have tried most of the fashionable diets. You several times started to run and do exercises, but alone it all quickly bored. And diets from the Internet were too hungry and incompatible with the normal life of an active woman. Familiar despair?

And here is you learned about how, that there is psychocorrection of weight. Allegedly, it and will relieve of the increased appetite, and to overcome self-doubt helps. Should we believe the advertising of psychological centers, or is it better to buy a subscription to a fitness club with this money?

Psychological weight correction: methods and goals

There are two basic methods of psychological correction of overweight – cognitive approach and hypnotherapy.

Cognitive approach

Cognitive approach works with human consciousness. You talk to the doctor, and he gradually makes you understand that the responsibility for excess weight is entirely on you, but do not hate yourself for it.
Psychological correction of excess weight under the guidance of the cognitive therapist suggests:

    • Management and analysis food diary with detailed explanations, that you ate and why;
    • Analysis of the patient's personality traits, identification of addiction;
    • Identification of secondary benefits from excess weight – for example, the reluctance to start a serious relationship, because "all men are not very good people" is a typical female "benefit" from extra pounds;
    • Work with self-assessment to improve it.

Based on the results of cognitive therapy, you still, you will be put on a diet, but now you will survive it, because you will be psychologically ready.

More details about the method can be found in the book by Judith Beck "Think and Lose weight".

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Hypnotherapy is usually cheaper and can be done in groups. It is used by numerous "schools and centers" weight loss. The method is based on the introduction of a person into a trance, and giving him the installation of aversion to overeating. In Russia there are several certified centers practicing group hypnosis. Be sure to require a license before you seek the services of hypnotherapist's. The fact that the wrong installation, such as "I hate food" can lead to severe mental disorders.

The Goal of hypnotherapy is more mundane – to remove an increased craving for food and overeating. It does not work with the patient's personality, and it is not aimed at increasing self-esteem and working out personal problems that lead to overeating.

About hypnosis for weight loss can be read from A. Vasyutin in the book "Psychological losing weight."

What can fitness against psychocorrection

Why don't you like doing sports, honestly? Someone believes that it is "painful and unpleasant", someone just does not like to strain, but in fact all these reasons disappear after about 3 months of regular training. Sport can do almost more for your self-esteem than the most advanced clinical psychologist. He is able to convince you that you will be able to become better. Proper training for 4 months makes a beginner without special training a person who can run, jump, dance, do push-UPS and not feel discomfort. The only minus – fitness nothing not will give you, if you have serious personal problems, dependence, not associated with self-esteem.

So what to choose from paid methods of weight loss? Only you can answer this question, and then, if you are extremely honest with yourself.

    • Do not believe in yourself, get confused and sabotage not only the diet, but also other activities – you definitely to a serious cognitive therapist, or for no less serious self-help books.
    • Just don't know how to live differently, not overeating, and not "Wales" every day in front of the monitor? You in the fitness club for the correct Dating, parties and endorphins.
    • Well, if you think that you eat a lot just because of habit, you can try hypnosis.

However, in any case, it is better to consult a professional psychologist in order that he objectively assess your inner world, before arranging it "hurricane therapy". Good luck, believe in yourself!

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