Protein vitamin diet for weight loss, menu

For those who prefer protein diets, an effective but healthy protein-vitamin diet may be suitable.
The diet is designed for ten days. During this time, you can lose 5-7 kg, which is a good result.

Protein-vitamin diet for weight loss is quite easy to maintain, as:

  • it involves a fairly varied diet (basically eliminated all sweets and flour, of cereal, but this is not allowed the sweetest fruit.),
  • diet built in accordance with principles fractional power (we eat 6 times a day, every 2.5 hours), and this food is easier to withstand even with a strong decrease in caloric intake, the body does not have time to get hungry between meals.
Products for protein vitamin diet

The Whole permitted list of products for vitamin protein diet is divided into 2 groups:

  • proteins: eggs, low-fat meat, fish, low-fat cottage cheese, cheese, boiled sausage,
  • vitamins: fruits (except bananas, persimmons, grapes, apricots), raw or boiled vegetables (except potatoes).

Moreover, products from 2 groups are not used together, but alternate: one reception – protein products, the second fruits or vegetables, third proteins, etc. That is observed the principles separate power.

Food can be slightly-slightly salt, not permitted promoted to food any ketchup, mayonnaise, sour cream.

You can Drink mineral or drinking water, tea, including herbal teas. The amount of liquid to drink from 2 liters. A warm drink is recommended.
All other drinks are not allowed.

Despite the fact that the diet is "vitamin", as with any dietary restriction, it is desirable to take a vitamin complex. Below, read the menu of vitamin and protein diet for weight loss.

Approximate diet of protein-vitamin diet for the day

8.00 – 2 boiled eggs;
10.30 – grapefruit;
13.00 – 200 g of boiled low-fat meat;
15.30 – 2 apples;
18.00 – 200 g boiled fish;
20.30 – big orange.

Depending on when you are used to Breakfast, all meals can be shifted. The main thing – to maintain a break between them – 2.5 hours.

    Do Not limit yourself too much in food, the recommended amount of calories consumed daily is 1200.

If you have sustained protein-vitamin diet, and the result you liked, but want to reset a few more kg, you can repeat the diet after a break (1-2 weeks).

Despite the fact that the diet is simple, in the presence of any chronic diseases before you start it, you should consult a doctor.


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