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Protein diet involves weight reduction by increasing protein intake, reducing carbohydrate intake and reducing total caloric intake. It is believed that a complete rejection of carbohydrates allows you to lose weight more effectively, but this method is not too safe for health.

So those who want to lose weight correctly, recipes should be selected based on the basic requirements of the protein diet: in the first half of the day to proteins it is allowed to add a few spoons of buckwheat or brown rice, and in the afternoon – vegetables that do not contain starch.

Protein diet Recipes

The Basis of the diet of the protein diet is protein products, some recipes of them are presented in this article.

Chicken giblets with buckwheat in the oven

Liver, hearts and stomachs are washed, laid out on the bottom of the pots and poured 100 g of water. On top of the pots poured two tablespoons of buckwheat. In the oven, the dish is cooked for 40 minutes, during this time, on the basis of giblets, a delicious broth is obtained, in which buckwheat is steamed.

Brown rice pilaf with beef

Fry the Pieces of meat on a small amount of oil, then add two glasses of water, salt, spices and simmer for 20 minutes. After that, pour half a glass of rice into the resulting broth and simmer until the rice is ready and the broth evaporates.

Soup with meatballs

Meat is cut From one chicken breast, a liter of broth is boiled on the basis of the obtained bone. Meat is scrolled in a meat grinder from meat. Made into small meatballs, drop into boiling water. Also added to the soup green beans, bell peppers and herbs. Soup is cooked for a quarter hour's.

Chicken egg noodles

Chicken in the traditional way cooking the broth. At the same time, three eggs are whipped with a whisk and thin pancakes are fried in a pan. They are ground to a state of noodles and when served on the table are added to a plate with broth.

Vegetable stew with meat

Onions, pieces of chicken fillet are fried On a tablespoon of vegetable oil. Then in a deep pan, added the cabbage and some water. After 10 minutes in the pan is sent green beans, bell peppers, tomatoes, peeled. Stew on the basis of young cabbage will be prepared in 20-25 minutes, vegetables of the last season will have to be stewed longer before softness.

Omelet with tomatoes

Tomatoes are cleared of peel and cut into slices Yes, laid out on the bottom of the pan, oiled and stewed under the lid until the juice. Eggs are whipped with salt and poured on tomatoes. The omelet is ready in five minutes.

Trout baked

Sprinkle the trout Steak with herbs and wrap in a foil envelope, sprinkle the top with cheese. Additional fat in this recipe is not required, as it is enough in the fish. Steak is cooked in a hot oven for half an hour.

Cutlets in oven

Mix equal proportions of beef and chicken meat, adding to it one egg. The resulting cutlets are laid out on a sheet of foil or baking paper and sent to the oven for 40 minutes. You can diversify the recipe by adding a piece of cheese to the middle of each cutlet, which will melt and give the stuffing juiciness.

Chicken julienne

Chicken Fillet pan-fried with a minimal amount of oil, place the meat in ramekins. Grate hard cheese and combine it with a little natural yogurt. It may well replace heavy cream or sour cream. Mix in a cocotte meat and cheese, then put them in the oven to melt cheese.

Curd dessert

Liquid fat-free cottage cheese is mixed with pieces of green Apple and orange without adding sugar. If you beat it with a mixer, and then freeze in silicone molds in the freezer, you get homemade ice cream.

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