Protein diet for muscle mass

Diet for muscle mass helps not only to increase muscles, but also to reduce the amount of fat, which means that it can significantly lose weight and make your body more relief and attractive. This trick is used by bodybuilders, and now I'll tell it to the ladies. After all, this diet is equally good for both women and men, but it is best to use it at a young age, as the elderly features of the body do not allow easy to tolerate similar changes in diet.. Protein diet is often used by athletes and, as I said, bodybuilders, because they need muscle mass like no other. But it is now becoming popular among women who are overweight, as the main advantage of it is that the lost weight is not returned, and it does not have to make a lot of effort.

Diet for gaining muscle mass has no time limits, it can be apply as long as required by the task.  In addition, there are no special rules for "entry" and "exit" from the diet, the only recommendation – to increase and decrease the amount of protein food should be gradually, so as not to have problems with digestion or metabolism.

Protein diet for athlete for muscle mass is effective due to the fact that the diet contains mainly some proteins, and they are the main building material our body. In this case, the amount of fat consumed should be eliminated completely, or minimized. It is necessary for the body to take the energy necessary for its work from its own reserves of fat, and not from the one that is eaten. The amount of carbohydrates should also be limited, as the body receives energy from them, in addition, excess carbohydrates are usually converted into fat.

Based diet for muscle building on several principles that are easy to remember and even easier to follow. So,

  1. it is necessary to Eat at least 6 times a day. This applies to those who just want to lose weight, and those who seek to actively build muscle. The only fundamental the difference – for weight loss portions should be very small, and to build muscle – more.
  2. the Amount of fat should be the minimum. Let the body spend what reserves it has. Allowed to eat only fatty fish varieties, as fish oil is very useful. You can also eat a little vegetable fat. Their complete exclusion is only suitable for actively losing weight, athletes also a little fat, but it is necessary.
  3. Food should be high-calorific. Protein diet for athlete and men – this not salads and fruits. If the main task is only to lose weight, then this principle should not be followed. Athletes it is best to consume foods that are high in calories because it promotes good absorption of nutrients and prevents overload of the digestive system. All this eventually leads to a speedy gain of muscle mass.
  4. Diet to increase muscle mass implies abundant drink. During active exercise the amount of water should not be less than 3 liters. The occurrence of dehydration is unacceptable, you need to drink at every occurrence of thirst
  5. it is Necessary to properly distribute the portions. The main volume of food, namely 70% of the daily value, should be eaten up to 4 hours. After this time, you can eat light food, rich in protein, for example, kefir, egg whites, cottage cheese. Athletes need to eat 2 hours before training, and 1-1.5 after her.
  6. Definitely it is necessary to move or exercise. Only if this condition is met, muscle building is possible. Protein diet for men and women requires physical activity.

Diet for muscle growth is very simple. Its main diet should be meat and dairy products. Because of this, it is so popular among men for whom meat is the main diet. But if with with this diet men can lose weight, women can gain weight. It is important to observe correctly protein diet for weight gain for women. It has its own nuances.


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