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Proper dietThe Basic principle of proper nutrition – matching diet health and taste preferences of the person. If you can't say for sure that you eat a variety, choose only fresh products and do not forget about prebiotics, vitamins and minerals, it is necessary to learn more about the elements of a proper and healthy diet.


Balanced diet – the basis of proper nutrition
Proper diet for all
Proper nutrition for teenagers


A Balanced diet – the Foundation of good nutrition

Proper nutrition must be balanced and include all necessary nutrients. A healthy person, without any problems with excess weight, can adhere to General principles.

  • Usually in clock tell eat 3 servings of grain products,
  • 2 servings of protein sources,
  • 5-6 servings of fruits and vegetables;
  • Sweets and alcohol – not more than one portion per day.

As a rule, proper balanced diet make taking into account the following recommendations:

Health Benefits cereals is buckwheat, rice, millet, wheat porridge or pasta made of hard varieties wheat, boiled in water. Medium portion – 200 grams boiled. 1-3 times a week, meals of them can be replaced with potatoes, cooked with a minimum of oils and fats. One portion of grain per day can be replaced with 30-40 g of bread. Preferably, if you eat grain or bran bread, Borodino is also useful. White bread should be considered as a delicacy, not as the basis of the diet.

Protein sources – any meat, fish, cottage cheese, eggs, cheese. Even if you do not lose weight, try to two-thirds of lean meat and other protein products accounted for one-third of fat. This is important for maintaining the health of your blood vessels.

Fruits should there is necessarily. Even if at first your body "does not accept" them, over time you will learn how to pick up those fruits that will benefit you. Try to start with the replacement dessert fruit, and you will definitely be able to "make friends" with they.

With vegetables another important rule – remember that the same salad with mayonnaise and, for example, olive oil – two different dishes, control the use of fats, try to switch to vegetable oils.

Proper diet for all

The Basic principles of proper nutrition should be adapted according to gender, age and occupation.

So, proper nutrition for men assumes:

  • Additional portion of protein sources. At the same time, do not think that the male body should eat only fatty meat food, control the content fat;
  • More strict control over the availability of fruits and vegetables in the menu. Usually a strong half of humanity prefers heavy side dishes, and the only acceptable vegetable considers potatoes;
  • Mandatory inclusion in the diet of prebiotics – sauerkraut, kefir, yogurt. This is especially true if you regularly drink alcohol;
  • Additional portion of sources of omega-three and omega-six fats in order to preserve hormonal background;
  • Strict control over the consumption of alcohol. In a day you should not drink more than one serving is 50 g of strong alcohol or 180 ml of wine.

Amateur Athletes to more closely follow the diet. First of all, they should give up sources of "empty calories" like sugar and sweets. Almost every meal an athlete should include protein and complex carbohydrates, the only way to complete recovery muscles'. And, of course, do not neglect the special vitamin and mineral complexes for active people. More specific nutritional advice should be obtained from your coach or instructor.

Proper nutrition for teenagers

Proper nutrition of a teenager is a big problem. The fact that the body needs at this time in foods of increased nutritional value. It's not means that the food should be high in calories. It should be prepared from the freshest products, avoid semi-finished products and preservatives.

    It is Necessary to teach the child from childhood not to treat snacks and drinks as a mandatory element of communication in the company.

The Most important at this age is the culture of food – regular meals, quality dishes from fresh products and the maximum possible rejection of snacks and sweets.

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