Proper nutrition in winter | For weight loss and health

Winter abide by a diet very hard. However, to abandon it, too, is not necessary. You just right balance power.

Our internal clock experiences heavy loads in winter. On the work of the body is affected decrease in daylight hours as well as decrease in temperature. Weakens the immune system, hormonal functions and metabolism are undergoing some changes. Therefore, it is necessary to correctly feed.

In Winter, people move less, which leads to a decrease in energy consumption by the body. Less melatonin is produced during this period. Therefore, people often feel depressed and oppressed.

That is why we are beginning to abuse delicious products. Most often these are products, the content of carbohydrates in which becomes the cause of weight gain.

How to eat in winter?

First rule: consume hot food. This applies to the first dishes, side dishes and drinks.

Second rule: be careful with sweets. We are talking about muffins, cakes and sweet drinks.

Third rule: eat more soups. Stress in the diet to broths, beans and vegetable soup. High-calorie soups-puree is better to leave for another time.

Fourth rule: don't forget about vegetables. Boiled or steamed vegetables must be present in Your diet.

Fifth rule: limit the amount of caffeine. Many of us accompany a Cup of coffee with a cake. It is much more useful to drink tea from herbs. It will not only calm, warm, but also dull the feeling of hunger.

Sixth rule: sleep more. It is enough to go to bed early for an hour. Sleep has a warming effect that a person is looking for, consuming sweets.

Seventh rule: loads. Physical activity even in winter should be constant. Enough 30 minutes of exercise to maintain Your metabolism, you to save the form, and just to lighten the mood.

Approximate winter menu for slim figure:

  • Breakfast: hot cereals cooked in milk (2 tbsp. L. on 1 glass of milk). An alternative to porridge can be two sandwiches of toast and cheese.
  • Second Breakfast: sandwich or loaf based on whole flour, avocado, slice of cheese (fat content not more than 5%). You can add winter spices (pepper, paprika) and tomatoes, bananas or citrus;
  • Lunch: soup (preferably vegetable), meat dish, garnish of vegetables with low starch content (zucchini, pumpkin);
  • afternoon Snack: sandwich with jam and also any seasonal fruit;
  • Dinner: boiled pasta seasoned with tomato or vegetable sauce or pepper sauce. You can add a piece of cheese;
  • Before bedtime: vegetable soup.

Remember that Your diet affects the health and mood.

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