Proper nutrition as a guarantee of beauty and health

Today the food followed not all people. And it is in vain, because in many respects the health and appearance of a person depends on the correctness of nutrition. But what kind of food can be called correct? First, it must be diverse, and secondly enough calories to provide the body with energy, so necessary for all vital processes. Often people who suddenly decide to eat right start counting each calorie, believing that the fewer calories they eat, the more benefit will bring to your body.

Unfortunately, often this brings very sad results. Because of the very low-calorie diet, the body is not provided with energy, as well as vitamins and minerals important for life, which may well lead to hypovitaminosis. Now you can often hear the question of how many calories it is desirable to consume per day. It is impossible to give a definite answer to it. The fact is that everything is individual. After all, each person has their own energy consumption, which should correspond to the amount of food we consume. It's only natural. All depends on gender, age, intensity labor. Therefore, first of all, the food must be necessarily balanced and healthy.

    • From our Breakfast will depend on how the body will be provided with energy for the whole day. Therefore, it is better in the morning to eat food rich in protein, which, in fact, is responsible for saturating the body with this very energy. These products include chicken Breasts, fish, eggs, nuts, cheese, seafood.
    • Our lunch should be comprehensive. Do not abuse a variety of semi-finished products, fatty and fried foods, coffee, and also baking.
    • It is desirable that the dinner was easy. After all, everyone wants the body to rest at night, and did not digest until the morning a hearty dinner. Therefore, it is better to dine with vegetables, dairy products, cereals. The porridge contains a large amount of vitamins necessary for the body.

To useful products can be safely attributed salmon, spinach, brown rice, chicken and quail eggs, chicken. Spinach being an excellent source of iron, antioxidants, lutein and vitamins K, C and A, will bring great benefits to the body. A quail eggs, use which was known to people long ago, are a storehouse of vitamins and minerals. They do not cause allergies, so they can be included in the diet safely.

Thus, the food we eat should be nutritious, useful and, of course, tasty. After all, it affects our health and appearance.

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