Proper and healthy diet

A well-Known proverb teaches us that if we do not use food as medicine – we are doomed to use medicine as food. Despite the simplicity and clarity of this truth, most of us prefer to "live to eat – while you need to eat in order to live". The reasons for this are different: no time to study the concept "proper nutrition", lack of funds to purchase the "right" products, unwillingness to spend additional the time to prepare healthy food.

Despite the abundance of objective and imaginary reasons, interest in the topic "healthy food" has always been very high. And now, when we are constantly afraid of environmentally contaminated products and the presence of GMOs in them, humanity is in a state of quiet panic – is it possible in our time to eat nothing without harming their precious health?

Just note: proper nutrition is available to everyone, regardless of gender, age, health and even financial situation. The only thing you need to do is conscious of their health, to devote some time to yourself, and, more specifically, to compare the meals that consumed with the, which is really necessary for our body.

Unfortunately, for most people the notion of "healthy eating" implies, first of all, diet, weight loss, limiting yourself to your favorite dishes. Therefore, if health is all more or less in order, you can have it all "want the body". And in this lies the greatest misconception! Indeed, not all of our favorite dishes are useful, but the use of them from time to time will not do much harm. If the reader reading these lines agrees that the Shawarma from the kiosk is evil, but eats it three times a week, then in the future you can only regret the time spent aimlessly and health.

Remember: proper nutrition is a moderate and balanced replenishment of energy in the body. If it is also accompanied by aesthetic pleasure – fine. But, as in any other case, purposeful and unregulated stuffing of the stomach with kilocalories – it's a direct route to the pharmacy, sooner or later.

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