Products with low glycemic index: table, list

the Glycemic index (GI) gives you the opportunity to find out how quickly foods, includes carbohydrates, increase the level of glucose in the blood. This indicator is actively used to help people with diabetes by developing a special menu for them. Doctors came to the conclusion that some products can lead to the progression of the disease. And, on the contrary, certain foods contribute to an easier course of the disease. Then such knowledge began to be used by nutritionists for their own purposes. For their patients, they began to pick up products that consist of "slow" carbohydrates.

Foods with a low glycemic index

Glycemic index is low (from 0 to 40), medium (from 40 to 70) and high (from 70 and above). According to it, the degree of harm or benefit of a particular product for the human body is determined.

What is a low glycemic index?

Note! It is known that carbohydrates, which are broken down to glucose, contribute to the formation of insulin. It helps the body to accumulate fat.

A Low glycemic index is an indicator that defines useful properties of products. His figures are in the range from 0 to 40 on a scale of 100 units.

It was Found that products with low glycemic index does not lead to a sharp rise in blood sugar levels. In addition, they are quickly absorbed, provide the body with the required energy and are useful for both diabetics and people who are overweight.

Note! Separate complex and simple carbohydrates. If the product has a low GI, it means that in its the composition includes organic substances from the first category. When entering the human body, they are processed slowly. As a result of sugar level jumps are not observed.

Products with low GI include a large amount of fiber and a minimum of calories. Despite this, the feeling of hunger leaves a person after their use for a long time. This is the advantage of such food at weight loss.

Table of products with low glycemic index

First of all, it is worth noting, that the main factor, able to change GI, as in side reducing, so and increasing, is culinary word processing. As an example, the following can be cited: in raw carrots, this figure is 34, and in the same vegetable in boiled form – 86. In addition, polished rice and refined sugar are also characterized by increased GI. This means that the same product may have a different glycemic index depending on the method its processing. Even fresh fruit, because it contains a large amount of fiber, has a lower rate than the juice squeezed out of it if the pulp is removed.

Glycemic index is also lower if the product contains a lot of proteins and fats. It is these organic substances that make the process of assimilation of starch contained in it slower, thereby increasing the time for digestion of valuable components.

It is Important to note that the glycemic index affects the maturity of fruits and vegetables. Let's say, GI is higher in unripe bananas (up to 45) than in ripe bananas (up to 90).

Sometimes products with low glycemic index have high acid content. As for salt, it, on the contrary, increases the glycemic index.

As you know, on the digestion of a food will need a lot more time, than splitting of the ground products. Given this fact, it is not difficult to guess the first case, KI would be lower.

The table below shows a list of products with a low glycemic index.

Name products GUY
Vegetables , legumes, greens
Basil 4
Parsley 6
Sorrel 9
Salad sheets 9
Peeled bow 9
White cabbage 9
Tomatoes 11
Radish 13
Spinach 14
Dill 14
Feather bow 14
Celery 16
Sweet pepper 16
black Olives 16
green Olives colors 17
Cucumbers 19
Eggplant 21
Garlic 29
Beet 31
Carrot 34
Peas in pods 39
Fruit, berries, Apple 36
Garnet 36
Fig 37
Nectarine 37
Tangerine 39
Gooseberry 40
Grapes 40
Grain products, flour products, porridge
Soy flour with a low percentage of fat 14
soy Bread 16
Bran from rice 18
Porridge of pearl barley 21
oatmeal Porridge 39
Pasta, made of coarse flour 39
buckwheat Porridge 39
whole Grain bread 40
Dairy products
Skim milk 26
Kefir with zero percent fat 26
fat-free cottage Cheese 29
Cream with 10 % fat 29
Condensed milk with no added sugar 29
Whole milk 33
Natural yogurt 34
fat-Free yogurt 36
Fish, seafood
boiled Crayfish 4
Sea cabbage 21
Crab sticks 39
Sauce based tomatoes 14
Soy sauce 19
Mustard 36
Tomato juice 13
Kvass 29
Orange juice 39
Carrot juice 39
Apple juice 39
Cocoa with milk without added sugar 39

The list of products with low GI includes not fully ripe and acid-containing fruits, as well as non-starchy vegetables. Dried berries often belong to the group with high GI. For example, raisins or dried apricots, which contain a large number of the sahara.

A Huge bones of complex carbohydrates stand out porridge. They are safely referred to products with a small glycemic index. That is why porridge cooked on water, it is recommended to use almost any diet. They not only do not pose a threat to the body, but on the contrary, are very useful. After eating porridge for a long time there is a feeling of saturation, more complex carbohydrates included in their composition, slowly processed and converted into polysaccharides. However, all the above does not apply to instant porridge, which is enough to pour boiling water. Such products are recommended to avoid even healthy people.

Juices are not a necessity for those who have decided to stick to a low-glycemic diet. From the fruits themselves, they differ in that they do not have fiber, so the index of GI is high enough. The only exception is juices squeezed from vegetables, fruits and berries with a high acid content. It is desirable to include them in diet, because they have low GI and it is the main source of vitamins.

Foods with a low glycemic index

Note! There are products with zero glycemic index. That is, they do not have this indicator at all. These products include oils. They do not include carbohydrates in their composition. The list of products with glycemic index does not include meat and fish.

In dairy products contains little carbohydrates, so GI have them low.

Glycemic index and weight loss

Nutritionists often use a table of foods with a low glycemic index when making up a diet for their patients. It is known that the consumption of such food helps to lose weight. There are certain diets used for weight loss, which are based on this indicator.

Foods with a low glycemic index

Note! Many people often confuse the concepts of "glycemic index" and "calorie". V this is the main mistake in the preparation of the diet for people who need to lose weight, and diabetics. GI is an indicator that indicates the rate of carbohydrate breakdown, and caloric content is the amount of energy entering the human body. Not every product that contains a small amount of calories has a low GI.

According to the recommendations of nutritionists, the daily diet of a person trying to lose weight, consists of vegetables that enrich the body with valuable components. In addition, for lunch you can eat beans, fruits, cereals, dairy products.

As for foods with a high glycemic index, nutritionists do not recommend them to be completely excluded from the diet, but only to limit consumption. White bread, potatoes and other food must be present in the menu. According to nutritionists, together with products with low GI, it is necessary to eat food with a high glycemic index, but within reasonable.

Important! Anyway, to make a diet should only be a specialist. Otherwise, depriving your body of nutrients required for its proper operation, you can only harm.

It is also Important to take into account that each body reacts differently to the intake of simple carbohydrates. The factors affecting this process include age. A Mature body is more prone to fat accumulation than a young one. The ecology of the place of residence is of great importance. Polluted air undermines health and reduces the activity of all organs and systems. Metabolism plays an important role. It is known that if it is slowed down, the person is subject to completeness. The rate of splitting of organic substances is influenced by the intake of drugs. And, of course, do not forget about exercise, which play an important role in weight loss.

Foods with a low glycemic index

Thus thus, the glycemic index is a very important indicator, which must be paid attention to when preparing a diet for people suffering from diabetes and dreaming of losing weight. But a healthy person should refrain from excessive consumption of food with high glycemic index. If you constantly have products, the figure of which is 70 or more units, the so-called "glycemic shock"can occur.

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