Products that it is best to "seize" the stress

Products that it is best to "seize" the stressBeing in a bad mood or depression, a person often tries to distract himself with the help of food. Thus, people "eat" their problems, which leads to obesity and other diseases, because most often consumed harmful, high-calorie food. Scientists from the United States are seriously interested in this problem and, oddly enough, found the best solution how to "seize" stress and not gain extra pounds.

Of Course, you need to make the right menu to food gave our body only the most useful and necessary substances that improve the appearance and help keep the body normal. The list, which was made by American nutritionists, includes the following products: berries, salmon, oranges, avocados and almonds.

In stressful situations, instead of eating sweets, experts recommend eating berries. Similarly, it is better to replace fatty foods with salmon or salmon. Salmon are also quite high in calories, but there are so many nutrients that to abandon such fish is just silly. Avocado will not only get enough, but will not allow fats to be absorbed into the stomach. Almonds will restore immunity and orange will cheer you up!

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