Products that help cleanse the body | For weight loss and health

After the holiday feasts there is a heaviness in the stomach, and the body as a whole. To cleanse the body of toxins will help some products:

1. Cabbage – any kind (Brussels, curly, broccoli, colored) contains substances, cleansing liver and intestines. Especially useful sauerkraut, which promotes digestion, normalizes intestinal microflora.

2. Apples – clean the intestines. Their it is better to eat with the skin, but do not forget to remove the wax, which is often rubbed to keep them fresh. And baked apples are no less useful.

3. Leafy salad – source of vitamins, minerals, organic acids – improves digestion, metabolism, and even prevents the deposition of salts in the body.

4. Beetroot – has a beneficial effect on the kidneys, liver, bladder, provides the body with vitamins and helps them to digest. Cooked beets or beet broth can be used as laxative or diuretic.

5. Carrot – rich in provitamin A, pectin, improves carbohydrate metabolism, improves liver and kidney function.

6. Prunes – certainly useful for digestion and cleanses the body.

7. Grain loaves – contain a lot of fiber, especially loaves of whole grains and multi-grain.

Your body will be very grateful if you include at least three of the above products in your daily diet.

During cold weather, the human body is particularly in need of vitamins. Easier to buy ready vitamin complex in the pharmacy, but natural vitamins are much more useful. A valuable source of vitamin is rosehip. Its berries contain vitamin PP, useful for strengthening blood vessels, and vitamin C.

Instead of tea you can drink a very healthy drink made from dried berries of rose hips. A tablespoon of crushed dried berries pour a glass of boiling water and infuse in a thermos for about 12 hours, strain and drink.

Warm up will help and "hot" food, containing spices. If there are no contraindications, boldly add in it pepper, ginger, cinnamon. Try to drink black tea instead of green, perhaps it will warm you better. By the way, tea is also possible to add cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, ginger.

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