Products that have no expiration date and never deteriorate

Everyone knows that products tend to deteriorate. This fact can not be ignored, as our body is not very adapted to the use of spoiled food. 

However, there is a whole list of products, the validity of which can not worry, as they can not deteriorate for many years and even millennia, preserving its taste, aroma and nutritional value!

1. Honey

Honey is a valuable gift of nature that can be stored for an unlimited amount of time. The substances contained in it (flavonoids, hydrogen peroxide, phenolic acids, etc.) are extremely unfavorable for pathogenic microorganisms'. And the storage of honey in a sealed container prevents the influence of moisture and air, which makes it completely timeless product.

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It is Noteworthy that during the excavations of the famous Egyptian pyramids were detected honey pots. The age of the discovery is about 3 thousand years. And honey is still suitable for use.

2. Strong alcohol

If as a present you were presented with a bottle of strong alcohol and you want to save it for a special occasion, you can be sure that the contents will not deteriorate.

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The Main thing – to store the bottle in a dark place with a low humidity and do not open it. By the way, the cognac should be stored in a vertical position, liqueurs, whiskey and wine – in the horizontal.

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3. Sol

From a chemical point of view, salt is a mineral, not a product, so it is simply impossible to find spoiled salt.

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Of Course, salt is sensitive to moisture and is able to absorb it, turning into one big lump. But even in this case, it does not lose its properties. By the way, the same can be said about sugar.

Note! Iodized salt can be stored no more than a year, as during this time the iodine evaporates. However, it will still be usable as a regular cook.

4. Ghee oil

Ghee Oil is widely applied in Ayurvedic cooking ?, and all because Indian medicine has recognized it as one of the most useful products for the body. Ghee is a purified clarified butter, which you can fry food no harm to health. It is believed that it strengthens the immune system, accelerates metabolism, rejuvenates and improves vision.

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It is Believed that the longer you keep ghee oil, the more useful it will be. This product has the ability to accumulate its medicinal properties. However, for storage, you need to choose a tightly closed container of ceramic or glass.

5. Soy sauce

Soy sauce in open the form is stored for at least three years, without losing its taste and characteristic smell. And if it is in a sealed container, this period increases many times. And all because the product contains a lot of salt – natural antiseptic and preservative.

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But UV rays – bad company for soy sauce, so it is best to store it in the refrigerator. This product "likes" cold and darkness.

Note! Also among the products with no expiration date is ground rice, dried beans, white vinegar, instant coffee, pemmican (dried meat), milk powder and corn starch.

Products tend to deteriorate – the way of the world. However, there are pleasant exceptions!

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