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products that accelerate metabolismProducts that accelerate metabolism excite the minds of losing weight is not the first year. Looking for more information and healthy weight loss? We will tell you the truth about some products. Periodically, the grapefruit, the greens are declared products that help to spend more calories at rest and lose weight without any additional activities.

Should I trust the acceleration of the metabolism of these products, or is it a traditional diet and exercise programs are struggling with excess weight much more effective?


The Myth: grapefruit burns fat that has already accumulated in fat depots. Soul mate grapefruit before eating improves metabolism and helps burn fat.

True: grapefruit is rich in vitamin C and substances that help to balance blood sugar levels, unlike other fruits, it contains almost no fructose and helps to diversify the diet. In addition, grapefruits have low calorie content, and really good fill the stomach.

How to use: eat half for Breakfast or before any main meal, watch for caloric content of the rest of the diet.


Myths: oatmeal is the most low-calorie product that can become the basis for a monodieta. Oatmeal burns fat due to "negative caloric content".

True: 100 g of boiled oatmeal contains 100kcal. This porridge is rich in b vitamins and complex carbohydrates, it is well saturated, reduces appetite, but to create an energy deficit due to the digestion of oatmeal turn out.

How to use: consume 150-300 grams boiled for Breakfast or afternoon tea.

Low-Fat cottage cheese

Myths: cheese requires a lot of calories to digest, so it lose weight, the calcium contained in cheese, accelerates the metabolism and helps to lose weight.

True: 100 g of low-fat cottage cheese contains 100 kcal, so cottage cheese can become an element of a healthy diet, you should eat about 200 g per day, but eating one cottage cheese is not too useful – you can provoke a breakdown from the diet and "go over calories".

How to use: 200 g of cottage cheese for Breakfast or dinner, can be combined.


Myths: pineapple helps to burn the fats that you consume with food.

Truth: pineapple can help in digestion protein. Bromelain which contained in pineapple is a little speeds up digestion.

How to apply: 100-200 grams together with cottage cheese or yogurt per day or as a side dish to protein dishes.

Green tea

The Myth: green tea blocks the absorption of fats, accelerates metabolism and helps to lose weight no diets, just eating a Cup before and after each meal.

True: green tea has a slight thermogenic effect and accelerates metabolism by 3-4%.

How to apply : a Cup of green tea in the morning at Breakfast or during exercise.

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