Products that accelerate aging: 6 sources of wrinkles

In an attempt to stop the time we do not spare money for expensive cosmetic procedures.

However, all efforts can be easily nullified, if you use products that accelerate aging!

Mayonnaise / Margarine / Smoked

All these products contain a shock amount of TRANS fats, which are obtained from liquid vegetable oil by hydrogenation. They extinguish the activity of useful fat acids that protect the skin from negative environmental factors. In addition, such products contain a large amount of salt, which delays the fluid in the body and makes the skin swollen and tired.

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Sugar is capable instantly improve mood, but will have to pay for it very expensive. Why? Sugar reacts with collagen and elastin (these substances are responsible for skin tone), resulting in the formation of age compounds that accelerate aging. In addition, sugar provokes the appearance of excess weight and weakens the immune system.

To satisfy your need for sweets, it is best to eat fruit (preferably only in the morning).


Chips are a killer combination of starch, sodium glutamate, dyes, flavors and TRANS fats, the dangers of which we have already mentioned above. But the most dangerous substance is acrylamide. It is not added to the chips specifically, and produced during frying. Acrylamide not only accelerates the aging process, but also provokes cancer and gene mutation. So if you want something crispy, it is better to eat celery or whole grain bread!

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If you allow yourself a glass of wine from time to time, nothing bad will happen. However, a rich alcoholic drink increase the amount of free radicals that accelerate the aging process. In addition, alcohol deprives the body of vitamin A, necessary for cell renewal.

Regular use of alcohol in combination with cigarettes adds to a man for 12 years.


Coffee is distinguished by its diuretic effect, which sometimes leads to dehydration. In this case, the skin suffers from one of the first. However, the negative consequences can be avoided if every Cup of coffee drink at least one and a half glasses of water.

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Meat with dark crust

Fried meat products damage DNA, as in the process of preparing polycyclic hydrocarbons are formed. They accelerate the aging process and can provoke the development of tumors. Therefore, instead of frying, it is better to choose other methods of cooking, among which the safest is steaming.

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Fortunately, products that are able to accelerate aging, not so much, so they can be abandoned or reduce their share in the diet!

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