Probiotic can help lose weight

Experts from Quebec state that certain groups of probiotics are able to help women lose weight. Earlier experiments and observations have shown that overweight people, as a rule, a completely different intestinal microflora, in contrast to people with normal weight. Canadian doctors from the University of Laval tested how the use of probiotics can positively affect body weight man's.

125 people participated In the study, including women and men suffering from obesity. For all of them was composed diet diet, which should lead to weight loss. Three months participants experiment adhered to this diet. At the same time, half of them used 2 capsules daily with probiotic, the remaining half took placebo.

The Results of the experiment are as follows: women who took probiotics lost 4.4 kg, continuing to reduce weight. In the second group, the weight of the participants decreased by an average of 2.5 kg. As for men, they did not act properly with probiotic tablets.

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