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The secrets of making green saladSummer – most time prepare salads, any: colourful and green. And to make salad a pleasure, we offer you 10 tips to help prepare a beautiful and healthy dish.

1. When selecting greens, look for leaves with spines, thanks to which are saved vitamins and other useful substances. If the roots are cut, pay attention to the stems – the middle should be white. Leaves should be bright, not very big and without spots.

2. Those areas of greenery that were tied with a thread or elastic band and were damaged – remove. Leaves keep in a cool dark place, preferably in a paper or linen bag.

3. If fresh herbs podwal, to revive it by putting it on half an hour in a bowl of cold water.

4. To wash off the leaves of lettuce pollution, lower them in a spacious bowl of cold water to the sand settled to the bottom. Then rinse the leaves in running water.

5. A variety of leaves will add color to your salad. Let the leaves be of different colors. Moreover, if you add half a glass of dandelion leaves, provide yourself with a daily norm of vitamin A. Portulaca leaves are a source of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C and iron.

6. So the salad was fragrant, add herbs: coriander, celery, Basil, rosemary, parsley and mint.

7. Lettuce, if it does not kochanie grade, tear with your hands.

8. Greens, intended for salad must be dry. Dry the leaves or blot with a napkin before preparing the salad.

9. Green salads fill with quality vegetable oil, better – olive oil.

10. For the filling choose a condiment with a strong taste, and add to the salad a little.

Enjoy your meal! Good luck!

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