Polina Gagarina brought to fans without any makeup on

After Hollywood stars trend on the appearance in the shot without makeup picked up and domestic celebrity. Was no exception and loved by many singer Polina Gagarina.

The Artist often shares with fans of selfies in the style of "a La naturel", but recently she posted in the Stories of his Instagram video, which depicted without a gram of makeup. Such photos and videos always delight Polina's subscribers, as they are sure that without makeup the singer looks much more natural and beautiful.

Polina GagarinaPolina Gagarina. Photo: instagram.com/gagara1987/

In his 32 years Gagarin boasts perfect skin without a hint of age-related changes. Her main recipe against wrinkles and dull complexion, she believes a healthy sleep at least 8 hours a day.

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Also, instead of salon treatments, Polina prefers folk beauty products. For example, every morning she rubs her face with an ice cube from a decoction of chamomile. And the singer is very watching their diet in order to always stay in shape.

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