Plie squats with dumbbell: technique

Plie squatsThe body can be put in order not only with the help of diet or dietary restrictions. Achieve relief and clarity of the silhouette can be through exercise. Hiking in the gym and training with a coach, of course, give tangible results. However, you can make your figure slim at home. To make the buttocks pumped and eliminate the flabbiness of the inner surface of the thigh, it is recommended to perform squats plie. Do it right is not so it is difficult, as it seems to many beginners. To achieve more effective results to do this exercise for the legs of men and girls can be burdened in the form of a barbell or dumbbells.

What is the plie squats?

Not everyone knows what a squat in plie technique. Moreover, some confuse them with a variation of sumo, somewhat similar to the plie, but having fundamental differences in the performance.

Under plie squats it is accepted to imply multi-articular exercises. Thanks to them, the strength of most large muscles concentrated in the lower part of the body develops perfectly. Pumping is due to the movement of the hips, which in turn are controlled by a large gluteal muscle. Also, when squatting, quadriceps located on the front surface of the thighs work. Thanks to them actively work its knees. In the course of the plie are involved and caviar. With their help, movement control is carried out in the ankle area.

Exercises in the technique plie forced to work and core muscles.  Account for them properly is held back. Throughout the exercise, it should remain as straight as possible.

No less important is the fact that squats, called athletes plie, involve the inner side of the thigh. Many girls this area is often a problem. Muscles are working to their full potential. As a result, they get the most load.

Plie squats

It is not Surprising that not only girls, but also men perform such exercise to work out legs and buttocks as much as possible. Plie has a wide range of advantages:

  • on the thighs is a great load;
  • one of the most problematic areas in women – the inner thigh;
  • excellent "burn" all the muscles on the buttocks;
  • gain flexibility hip.

Note! Plie should be included in the training program for another reason. This exercise helps to normalize blood circulation in the lower body.

In addition, this kind of sit-UPS is highly variable. So he definitely will not get bored. Plie squats can be done with a kettlebell, bar, bag, and free weights. At the same time they can be performed at home.

However, it should be borne in mind that the squat has a quite a high level of difficulty to perform, providing a tremendous load on the legs and knees in particular.

Repeat plies are made by 12-20 times. It is recommended to perform 4-5 working approaches in total.

Execution Options

There are several options for performing plie squats. The main thing is to distinguish them all from sumo exercises.

Pulse plie

One of the most common types – pulse plie. Technique of this the approach is quite simple. It is recommended to squat in a fairly small amplitude. It is necessary to lower the buttocks and thighs down to a horizontal position. Up it lifts up the buttocks just a little, then again move down. This will allow a good "burn" the muscles of the buttocks and legs, not allowing them to relax.

Plie squats

Plie on socks

Plie Squats on toes – quite difficult but effective exercise. It can only be performed by those who have long and hard training. In addition, good coordination is necessary. Squat is performed from the stand on the socks, which helps, among other things, to work perfectly calf muscles.

Plie squats

Plie with emphasis on one pace

Plie with emphasis on one pace – another variety several exercises. To properly distribute the load, you will need to put one foot on the sock. The other is placed on the foot. This option plie will allow you to add variety to your workout. Also, this method of squat is a great opportunity to work only one leg.

Plie squats

Plie with jump

Yet Another variation of the squat should be performed in conjunction with a jump. In most of the upper vector of the point of emission of the buttocks, you need to make the leap. This load puts the exercise in the category of cardio.

Plie squats

Plie – squat on the calf muscles

Another option for exercise is the squat to calf muscles. This kind of plie involves lifting from the lower point of only the heels. This should be done in turn. Thanks to this exercise, you can perfectly work not only the buttocks. Calves of the legs will also get a clear and beautiful relief due to the squats.

Plie squats

Plie – deep squat

However, the most common variation of the plie is a deep squat, allowing the maximum load and "burn" the buttocks. To perform this type of exercise is to use the platform, because to achieve the desired result on the floor is unrealistic.

Plie squats

Technique carry sit-UPS plie with dumbbells

Popular sit-UPS plies are most often used as an additional, "pre-loading" exercise that helps to Polish the results of strength training. However, this squat can be done basic and included in the main part of the training program. For this it is necessary to use the burden. As a rule, dumbbells or barbell are used for this purpose.Many naively believe that this option plie, burdened with dumbbells, is quite simple. However, this view is is not quite true.

To perform the exercise with dumbbells will need to take your original standing position. The back must be kept straight. The press should be statically tense. Dumbbells are taken in hand. At the same time, you need to take a sports projectile with a grip from above. The dumbbell is held at the base, by the pancake. Legs spread wider than shoulders. The knees should be slightly bent. The feet should be brought out.

Plie squats

Note! Optimal the position of the stop angle is about 45 degrees.

The Dumbbell is located between the legs. It is so engaged in the correct starting position for this variant of squats plie.

You can Now proceed directly to its execution. To squat down in the breath. Legs in knees should be bent very slowly. It should be lowered until the hips are parallel to the floor line. In adductor muscles should feel a good stretch. In the initial position of the pelvis is given on exhalation. Thus it is necessary to start heels from the floor.

Typical errors

Almost every beginner who decides to work on the buttocks, pelvis or inner thigh faces a whole set of errors. The most common misconception is the comparison of plies with sumo.

Note! Unlike sumo, plie involves working with the pelvis and feet, not the waist.

Separation of heels from Paula

However, this is not the worst! One of the common common mistakes when performing squats in the technique of plie with weights and dumbbells without those acts separation of the heels from the floor surface. This is usually due to another blemish. It's a loss of balance. That is why it is so important to stabilize the body and not lose the starting position.

Note! For the beginning of the plie is to perform near the wall.

Wrong position Colin

Also have newcomers often "walk" its knees. This should not be allowed. Legs should be kept straight, correctly placing socks. When performing the exercise, it is necessary to control the location of the knees. In the center they should not touch. Also, we can not allow them to go beyond the socks.

Arching of the back

Another typical error when executing plie – bending of the back. It should be kept as much as possible exactly.

Plie squats

Pushing of the pelvis

Should Not "push" your pelvis. This will result in a full straightening at the top point.  Thus muscles will relax and it will be impossible to achieve necessary result.


Plie technique has some subtleties. When performing squats, which are called plie, you should immediately correctly take the position of the back. In the lower back is a deflection that persists throughout the approach regardless of number of iterations. The rest of the back is kept as straight as possible. The pelvis should be taken back a little. You have to look straight ahead. The chest moves forward. This situation is considered to be correct and safe.

Not less important correctly unleash socks. They set the right vector that helps the knee joint to work correctly. Knees should not "go" to the outside when lowered. Also need to make sure that when you exit the squat they are not shifted inward.

Plie squats

Video: how to do squats plie

To avoid mistakes when performing exercises in the plie technique, you can watch a video where experienced coaches will tell you in detail about all the nuances of this physical activity.

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