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Pilates exercises for weight lossPilates for weight loss is considered to be quite effective technique. Supporters of this gymnastics believe that it can not only tighten and strengthen the muscles, but also help in burning fat. Fitness coaches from different countries interpret this training in different ways. Classic Pilates school does not provide additional types of loads that stimulate weight loss. Its proponents believe that regular Pilates classes able to get rid of excess weight. But there is a fundamentally different approach – to mix for weight loss exercises on the Pilates system with special fat-burning movements. What strategy to choose?

Pilates for weight loss: how it works

Pilates Workout not refer to the active and intense. A woman weighing 70 kg spends about 200 kcal per hour Pilates on the floor, and 320 kcal – in the reformer. To burn 500 grams of fat you must expend 3500 calories. Based on this, you may think that Pilates for weight loss is quite ineffective. However, it is not.

In fact, this gym is fine accelerates metabolism by strengthening muscle tissue.

    Pilates works with deep layers of muscle, helping you strengthen your body without the effect of increasing volume and pumping.

Which means your body will consume more calories at rest, like when you're resting or doing other things.

Additionally, lean muscle is a quick visual decrease. So if you chose Pilates – is not weigh, and measure the volume of the body. In just 1 month of regular Pilates classes you can lose weight by about one size clothing in the lower body.

Pilates for weight loss: how to choose a program

Self-employment Pilates for weight loss is best to start under the video. So you can quickly understand the technique of exercise, and you will not need to make a training program on their own. If you have not done this before gymnastics better to start than with a special rate for weight loss and programs Pilates for beginners. Select the program of the Institute of Pilates. Mary Windsor has a good course for beginners.

The Choice between "classic" and weight loss program depends more on your current diet strategy.

If you stick to a 1200-1500 kcal calorie diet plan, you may well have enough of a normal workout on the floor with an emphasis on muscles hips and press. Exercise three times a week, alternating training days with rest days, which try to add a simple cardio, such as walking at a fast pace for half an hour.

If you eat in the corridor 1500-1800 kcal and above, or do not belong to the beginners of fitness, you should pay attention to special programs of dynamic Pilates for weight loss, or "hybrids" of Pilates with martial arts, for example, pilox.

Classic Layout training for the beginner

Some Pilates weight loss exercises.
Stretch out for five minutes, doing a quick walk on the spot, walking with a high knee lift, Mach hands and feet.

Roll-down – spine twisting
Stand up straight, tighten the press, straighten your shoulders and press the shoulder blades to the spine. Gently, vertebrae by vertebrae will scrotitis forward while retracting the abdomen and not changing posture. Stretch your fingers to your feet and slowly return to the starting position.
Repeat 4-5 times.

the Curl to press
Lie down on the Mat, tighten the press, stretch your hands along the body with your palms down. Retracting belly gently pull the shoulder blades off the floor, roll forward, stay at the point of greatest stress for at least 3-4 seconds and slowly return to the starting position.
Repeat 5-6 times.

"Hundred" on press
From the previous reference position tear off the floor of the scapula, stretch forth hands. Lift your legs from the floor at a 45-degree angle, pull your stomach in and press your lower back to the floor. Quickly make punches in the air – five strokes palms down, five strokes palms up, repeat this set 10 times, slowly drop to the floor.

Shoulder bridge for buttocks
Put your feet on the floor, bend your hips at a right or sharp angle. The body is on the floor, belly tucked up, hands free on the floor. Pull the press, tighten and squeeze the buttocks and vertebrae behind the vertebra tear your back off the floor, leaving the rack on the shoulders (shoulder blades) and feet, stay for three counts and also slowly return to the starting position. The movement is slow, controlled, belly to relax it is impossible.
If you want to additionally load the back of the thigh, push the feet forward.
Repeat the bridge 5-6 times.

the circles of the feet for your thighs
Lie on your side, pull the press, "upper" leg make slow circular movements clockwise, the knee should remain straight, and the "lower" leg – stretched out on the floor.
Follow the movement in one direction and the other 30-60 seconds, repeat with the other foot.

Lie down on your stomach, with force bring the press to the spine. Pull your arms and legs off the floor, pull your stomach in, and make short, shallow movements with your arms and legs as if you were hitting water.
Do the exercise for 30-60 seconds, repeat 2-3 times.

At the end of the workout, roll along the spine from the "knees to stomach"position.

Videos: 10-minute training sessions complexes "Choose your course" Pilates affect your favorite parts of the body: the abdomen, buttocks and thighs.

Pilox for beginners

Mash by walking for 5 minutes. Then 5 minutes simulate jumping rope performing a circular motion with his hands, bent at the elbows, like a rotating skipping rope. Roll down. Then stand up straight, pull in your stomach, bend your elbows and perform straight punches forward for five minutes. You can simulate uppercuts and hooks, the main thing – do not relax your hands and press during exercise. Then perform twisting and "a hundred." Stand on your feet, simulate jumping rope for 5 minutes. Make a shoulder bridge and circles with your feet. Then, from a straight stand, perform direct kicks for 5 minutes, Complete the training with "swimming" and rolls. Try to do regularly and the effect will not take long to wait.

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