Pick up your moisturizer for problem skin

Are You worried about painful pimples and black spots on your face? You use an expensive Foundation, but it does not help, and makes it even worse? So You have problem skin. Get rid of these troubles will help cream for problem skin.

Cosmetologists advise you to choose products for daily face and body care very carefully and taking into account all the nuances.

For daily cleansing use the toner. Possible wipe the face and neck with a tonic of dried chamomile flowers. 1-2 tablespoons of chamomile flowers should be brewed in a glass of boiling water. Many help a nourishing fruit mask. Treat yourself to a fresh peach mask. Peach clean from the bone and grind on a grater, add the egg, mix well. The mask should be applied for 10-15 minutes. Then wash. This procedure should be done once a week. Be sure to regularly use a moisturizer for problem skins.

How to choose a good cream for problem skin

W first of all, pay attention to its packaging. It should be whole, with the date of manufacture and shelf life. Carefully examine the composition of the tool. In the list of ingredients must be water – "Aqua". It most effectively nourishes the cells of the epidermis.

Effective cream for problem skin contains the following ingredients:

Antibacterial components. It's salicylic acid, zinc, sulfur.

Antioxidants – green tea, retinol, coenzyme Q10.

Anti-Inflammatory components aloe, allantoin and glycolic acid.

Creams for problem skin should not contain vaseline. It clogs the pores and is the cause of formation of black dots. Also not suitable for products containing Dimethicone. This component helps to hide wrinkles and folds, forming a thin elastic film. But the epidermis is not breathing and is produced by the excess fat. Alcohol effectively removes excess Shine and cleans. But it can dry out. Although sometimes a moisturizer for problem skin includes it. Therefore, pay attention to the list of ingredients alcohol was one of the last. This means that its percentage it's very small, and it won't do any harm.

Why use cream for problem skin

In the Morning, when apply makeup instead of Foundation, use a light bb cream for problem skin. It will eliminate unpleasant greasy Shine and make the tone smooth. This modern tool perfectly hides all the flaws, moisturizes, nourishes and protects. High-quality modern product contains a minimum of fragrances, light and delicate in consistency, quickly absorbs.

How to choose a good sunscreen for problem skin

In Summer it is necessary to use a means for protection from ultraviolet radiation. It will effectively help to cope with the heat and protect from ultraviolet rays. For You, a tool with a second or third degree of protection from the sun.

What day cream for problem skin is better to buy

There is a wide range of cosmetic care products In the shops. What same moisturizer for oily skin to choose? For women under 30 years old suitable cream celandine for problem skin. This cream effectively smoothes the first wrinkles and treats inflammation, removes Shine. After 35 years, Vichy cream is suitable for problem skin. It contains lactic acid, placenta extract, antioxidants. The product smoothes wrinkles, quickly relieves inflammation and corrects tone. Day cream for problem skin must be applied every morning for 10-15 minutes before applying make-up, so he had time to soak.

Take care of yourself Daily. Take a few minutes a day and You will Shine with beauty. Be always young and happy!

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