Phytotherapy – treatment with medicinal herbs

Medicinal products derived from plant materials are called phyto preparations. They can be made on the basis of one or several herbs, their roots, seeds, fruits or flowers. In the plant raw material contains various active substances: essential oils, alkaloids, glycosides and other substances that determine their effect on various diseases. Herbal preparations can improve human immunity, reduce various harmful effects on organs, tissues, various environments of the body.

treatment with medicinal herbsHerbal medicine has long been used In folk medicine. But self-treatment with herbs is dangerous. After all, plants have both indications and contraindications. Especially dangerous are strong plants. Therefore, it is necessary to be treated by a phytotherapist doctor.

Almost always herbal medicine is prescribed as an aid in medical treatment. This combination gives a good effect, complementing the main treatment. Sometimes herbs are prescribed to eliminate unwanted complications when taking hormones, antibiotics and other drugs. Phytotherapy it is also required for long-term treatment of severe chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular, lung, gastrointestinal and other diseases. Persistent effect in the treatment of such diseases occurs with long-term and regular use. When using phyto drugs there is a slow, gradual, healing effect, which is combined with increased immunity. When recovering from a disease treatment with herbs also gives persistent results.

Folk treatment traditional medicine has many advantages over other treatments. Herbal preparations are cheaper and more affordable, for their preparation does not need special equipment. Tinctures, decoctions and infusions can be easily prepared at home. Each herbal drug may act on several diseases, as plants have diverse orientation of the medicinal action. Herbal preparations of biologically always compatible with both the body and synthetic drugs. Phytotherapy gives the greatest effect in mild forms of diseases, functional disorders, as a supportive or preventive treatment, to increase the effect in the course of any specific therapy.

Synthetic pharmacological preparations mainly consist of one drug, which has a strong therapeutic effect, but the side effect is usually great. If take, for example, antibiotics, they inhibit the activity of pathogens, but cause dysbiosis, harmful affecting microflora. That is "one treat, another cripple." Hypotensive agents can cause disorders of cardiac activity, up to a heart attack. With proper treatment of phyto drugs, this does not happen.

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