Photo plump Eduard Radzyukevich shocked fans

Recent pictures of 52-year-old Edward Radzyukevich caused a lot of issues in the network. Fans are concerned about the appearance of the star of the sketch show "6 frames". The artist became difficult to recognize - he was very fat, and no clothes can no longer hide it.

What happened to Eduard Radzyukevich

Fans were afraid that the weight gain is due to health problems and the life of their idol is in danger. However, Edward hastened to reassure them.

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The Actor said that he gained weight because he quit Smoking. For 31 years he could not get rid of this bad habit, and then, according to him, a miracle happened. There were intense shootings during which he did not even remember about cigarettes. And now it does not pull to smoke.

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Of Course, it is difficult to know in this plump 30 kg person, the star of the show "6 shots", but he has no regrets. "It doesn't bother me at all! I am now in my weight and age, I am not going to lose weight, I am comfortable, my heart does not hurt. I feel wonderful!", - commented Edward.

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Actor comfortable experience in the new weight. However, I had to completely change my wardrobe. But the main thing, as psychologists say, is to live in harmony with yourself!

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