Persimmon – food of the gods: the varieties of dates, its useful properties and methods of use for weight loss. Interesting facts about persimmons, notes for the cook

persimmon, useful properties

Everyone knows orange, juice-filled fruit called persimmon! Its bright color and sweet taste can brighten up the dark winter evenings, improve mood and bring many health benefits.

The name of the fruit in Latin – Diospyros, which translates as "food of the gods" or "divine fire."

Interesting fact. Usually persimmon is called bright orange fruit with light flesh, astringent taste. And fruit with dark pulp and seeds is called the bead. But both of these fruits grow on the same tree.

Varieties of persimmon.

More than 200 traditional persimmon species are grown In the modern world. There are also unusual varieties. For example, the South American persimmon is called "chocolate pudding" or "black Apple".  Its fruits are like large green apples and weigh about a kilogram each. As the fruit Matures, it darkens and acquires the taste and color of chocolate.

Israel launched a variety of persimmon "Sharon." It has no bones and very little tannin – a substance that gives astringent taste.

Housewives on article. From the astringent taste of persimmons can be eliminated if the fruit is soaked or kept in heat.

Useful properties of persimmon

Ripe persimmon contains:

  • antioxidants
  • vitamins C, A, PP
  • iron
  • potassium
  • magnesium
  • iodine
  • dietary fiber
  • organic acids
  • proteins
  • carbohydrates
  • tannins.

Due to its rich composition persimmon is useful for many body systems.

High potassium helps keep blood vessels healthy and stimulates the heart.

Plant sugars improve the condition in hypertension.

High iron content helps with anemia.

Persimmon is good for the stomach, intestines, liver, as a natural way removes toxins from the body, thanks to the content of fiber.

High magnesium content reduces the risk of kidney stone disease. In addition, persimmon has a mild diuretic effect, which helps to remove harmful substances from the kidneys and salts.

Is Indispensable divine taste of persimmons under nerve and physical depletion.

Is it Possible lose weight with persimmons?

Persimmon - heart Apple
Yes! With the help of persimmons, you can quickly and deliciously lose weight without experiencing an acute sense of hunger. Fruits contain a large number of pectins, so only one eaten fruit creates a long feeling of satiety.

The Calorie content of persimmon is not high. In 1 kg of these Sunny fruits contains only 600 kcal.

Diet, based on the use of persimmons, very effective. Just eat. in day 2-3 of persimmon do not eat at night and you will lose weight 2-3 kg per month.

Recipes with persimmons on the ABC Diet:

Fasting days are also Popular, which help to improve digestion and lose weight. 1 day a week eat only persimmon (1.5-2 kg), drink herbal teas and enough water.

Housewives on article. Persimmon fruits can be eaten fresh and dried, prepare desserts and cook jam.

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