Pearl diet for weight loss: useful properties, recipes and reviews

Pearl diet for weight lossMany diets are based on the most common cereals – rice, buckwheat, oatmeal, lentils. But is it possible to eat barley at weight loss ? The answer is clear – Yes, pearl barley for weight loss is excellent. Moreover, the diet of barley is one of the most popular. You want to know why? To understand this, find out more about what is good for weight loss porridge.

Now you got the answer whether you can during a diet is pearl barley and how useful it is. To successfully lose weight, the diet for weight loss should be built absolutely correctly, so that the useful properties of the product for the body are maximized.


In Addition, do not forget that the results that will give a particular diet , directly depend on how you will comply with it. Remember, weight loss should not be harmful to the body, and therefore it is recommended to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of liquid per day (with a large weight it is necessary to drink even more).

Better, if greater part of this will be water – drinking and mineral without gas. It is then that the benefits will be maximum, and the impact on the body – favorable.

We will offer 3 options menu, in which the main dish is pearl porridge , choose, what be appropriate you.

Pearl diet for weight loss


Many are wondering if it is possible to lose weight on barley , if you use only one. And is pearl barley useful for weight loss in this case? Yes, the mess remains useful, but too long to sit on any mono-diet is not, despite its effectiveness.

However, if you are looking for a way to lose weight in just five days, this menu is perfect. This is-perhaps the most effective diet perlovka, reviews of those who have already practiced it, only confirm this thesis. To lose weight , all 5 days you only need to eat porridge cooked on water, and without salt and oil.

Pearl Barley at weight loss has a certain dehydrating effect, so during the day you can drink green tea (without sugar), herbal teas, non-carbonated mineral or drinking water. On night allowed to drink a glass of 1% kefir. Thus, for 5 days you can lose 4-5 kg.


Not always recipes from barley for weight loss are so strict and ascetic. Such things as barley and weight loss , it is compatible with a more balanced diet.
The weekly menu is much more varied. It is allowed not only myself porridge, but also other products, so you can follow the diet for 7 days:

  • for Breakfast, prepare lean porridge, add steamed prunes in warm water (4-5 PCs.) or grated green Apple.
  • for lunch, additionally prepare a vegetable salad with a piece of fish or lean meat (chicken, beef);
  • for dinner – 100 g of low-fat cottage cheese and a glass of kefir;
  • drink plenty of mineral or drinking water and unsweetened throughout the day green tea.

Pearl diet for weight loss


This option is for those who do not know how to lose weight on barley without much restriction of the diet. Embodying these recipes , you can unleash your imagination and cook porridge with spices, fragrant herbs, mix it with onions, carrots. Salads from vegetables (fresh pepper, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes), desserts from sweet and sour fruits will enrich the menu.

Can be a mess stuff fresh peppers, to make her cabbage rolls, adding stuffing in the mushrooms and onions, in General, to do everything to the barley diet was not felt bland and tasteless.

Of Course, you can not eat bread, rolls, sweets, smoked and fatty meat. Portions should be limited. Kefir, unsweetened juices, water, tea and herbal infusions, as well as a Cup of coffee are allowed.

Weight Loss here depends on your ability to limit your portions. Provided that the menu is varied, such the diet can be followed for a long time. Do they lose weight in this case? Of course, if you comply with the measure. But, of course, the process will be slower.

Pearl diet for weight loss


Can I lose weight from barley without much effort? Hardly. To sustain a strict 5 or 7-day course is not easy, especially in the first couple of days, when the body loses 1-1. 5 kg of weight due to cleaning – withdrawal of excess liquid, toxins and toxins.

Thanks to this initial stage of the diet pearl, reviews of the effectiveness of which are very common (you can also see the photo ), is really difficult.

Truth, then will become easier. When we lose weight , on the third day we feel lightness in the body, fresh face, swelling and swelling disappear. From this day on, the fat reserves begin to melt intensively.

On average one day burns up to 1 kg of excess weight. In addition, the diet is quite balanced and there is no need to take additional vitamins and minerals, provided that you will not increase the recommended terms of its compliance.

Pearl diet for weight loss
We need to get out of this regime gradually. And if you want to keep the achieved result, eat this porridge at least once a day, it is better for Breakfast. Repeat five or seven-day course can be no more than once a month.
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