Payback running: how many kilometers is worth your chocolate bar and other snacks?

Many people watching their weight, compensate for eating high-calorie sweets physical activity, in particular running. But do you know the exact number of kilometers that will have to run to afford to eat a particular product?

Whenever the hand reaches for the chocolate or ice cream, remember about these figures. After all, for the sweets have pay up!

How many miles is a chocolate and other sweets

Averaged data were taken For calculations: running speed – 10 km/h, weight of the runner – 65 kg. calorie Consumption in this case is 687 kcal (provided that the runner does not take a break).

Example calculation

1. The calorie content of Alpen Gold chocolate with nuts and raisins weighing 90 g (444.3 kcal) is divided by the calorie consumption during running (687 kcal). Get 0,646 – this is the time you need to run.

2. Then 0.646 times the speed of running (10 km/h). We get 6.46 – the number of kilometers that you need to run.


Note! In addition to the desire to lose weight, there are 6 good reasons to run. Among them there are psychological and physiological aspects.

THE ABC RECOMMENDS the Weight loss and delicious: what delicious can be eaten in large quantities while dieting.

Low-Calorie sweets

So you don't have to punish yourself Jogging, try to replace high-calorie sweets on the diet. Among them:

  • fruit jelly (35-55 kcal per 100 g);
  • frozen yogurt (60-94 kcal per 100 g);
  • Apple jam (170 kcal per 100 g.)

Contraindications to running

Before you start running, make sure there are no following contraindications:

  • any disease in acute stage;
  • heart and lung failure;
  • disorders of the musculoskeletal system;
  • severe hypertension.

Regular classes, as well as monitoring your health and proper training help you always be in great shape and enjoy good health!

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