Pavel Durov told why he refused to eat for a month

The Founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov now hasn't eaten in weeks, to clarify the mind and enhance the work efficiency. He has long been "hooked" on radical diets, which he told in his Telegram-channel.

Why Paul decided to to abandon food

"I have not consumed alcohol, caffeine, meat, medicine or fast food for the Last 15 years. From the point of view of health it brought good results", - Paul told in his channel.

The Head of the popular messenger also said that a year ago he tightened the diet even more, giving up gluten, milk, eggs and fructose. And in may, he moved only to fish and seafood. This month Paul tries something quite shocking - a complete rejection of food.

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"I've only been drinking water for the last six days and I feel great. Since fasting clarifies thoughts, I have done a lot in the field of product management," Durov said.

The Entrepreneur noted that our ancestors, hunters and gatherers, often remained without food for a long time, so the human body is waiting for him to give a rest from food, to clean up and reboot. Durov understands that he may lose some muscle mass, but he is ready to make such sacrifices, hoping that the hunger strike will bring some original ideas for Telegram.

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"the Joy of our users has always been and will be my personal priority," Durov concluded.

By the way, the businessman plans to starve a month. According to doctors, a person can live without food for 2 months. But only if he is absolutely healthy and drinks enough waters.

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