Pancake diet

Shrovetide week is associated with merry festivities, sledding, unrestrained eating of rosy delicious pancakes with delicious fillings. But what about those who adhere to a healthy diet or can not afford to eat high-calorie food as health? How not to gain weight at the carnival? What to eat in the pancake week, not to gain weight?

To Prepare a delicious and light pancake the menu will not be difficult. Quick recipe gluten free pancakes rice and buckwheat flour is useful not only slimming young ladies, but also for people suffering from celiac disease or food allergies.

What to eat in the pancake week, not to gain weight?

How not to gain weight in pancake week: diet in pancake week

Not everyone knows that the days of pancake week have their own specific names and meanings load. The menu on each of these days should be special.

Monday. Come, dear matchmakers!

This day not necessarily start with baking pancakes. You need to have fun, to celebrate the holiday, going to mass celebrations. Pancakes begin to bake in the evening for the arrival of guests. In order not to gain weight in Shrovetide, cook a dish of whole grain flour with the addition of wheat bran. It is tasty, healthy and will not harm the figure. According to the traditions of Maslenitsa the first baked pancake was given to poor people to remember the dead. The two men went to each other's homes. But most parents of the bride greeted the groom's parents hot hot pancakes.

Tuesday – Betrothed-mummers, come to me for dinner!

The second day of the pancake week was supposed to be bride-show. If you honor the tradition, brag to his betrothed and future mother-in-law pancakes with interesting fillings. Chopped boiled chicken or Turkey fillet, lightly sprinkled with grated Parmesan and fresh herbs is the best suited as a dietary stuffing for pancakes. You can also use:

  • minced boiled liver;
  • lean beef;
  • white fish;
  • seafood.

Fillings select low-fat, but saturating, with a high protein content. After all, you have to actively sledding. A b frosty day in the bosom of nature wakes up a brutal appetite.

How not to gain weight in pancake week: diet in pancake week

Wednesday. Feast on the whole world!

In the middle of the week decided to enjoy the pancake menu at full strength, nor in denying themselves nothing. Therein day on the table must be pancakes with sweet and unsweetened fillings. As a dessert diet filling for pancakes suitable low-fat cottage cheese. You can give it sweetness with finely chopped dried apricots, raisins, prunes, apples. Tasty and low-calorie filling will be fresh berries and fruits. Drizzle these pancakes with a small amount of honey.

Thursday. I demand to continue the Banquet!

Thursday is the feast of delicious pancakes continues. But by the end of the week it is better to give up minced meat. It is time to start preparing for the upcoming Lent body and soul. Use vegetable, cheese, curd and mushroom fillings:

  • oyster mushrooms and mushrooms;
  • stewed cabbage;
  • beet caviar;
  • cheese and cottage cheese with dill and a little sour cream.

Friday. Pancakes for favorite mother-in-law!

In Friday son-in-law treats pancakes mother in law. Come to visit the second mother has the right to friends. But the daughter should cook the dish.

How not to gain weight in pancake week: diet in pancake week

Pancake weekend

In the last days of the carnival continue spiritual get-togethers with friends and relatives. The holiday ends with a forgiven Sunday, allowing you to forget all insults and enter the post with a pure open heart.

Now you know how not to gain weight in Shrovetide and have fun celebrating the holiday week. We hope that you will have fun!

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