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Ozone therapy against celluliteIn recent years, ozone therapy has gained a large number of fans, because in practice it has proved its effectiveness and a wide range of actions, as a non-drug method of treatment of diseases and correction of cosmetic defects.
Ozone is an unstable modification of the oxygen molecule, which has increased oxidizing activity. In nature, ozone is formed under the influence of electrical discharges and ultraviolet light.
For medical applications purposes, ozone specially purified and enriched with oxygen.

Ozone is introduced into the body by different ways
  • in the form of subcutaneous injections special thin needles into the problem areas;
  • the method of drip saline with the addition of ozone, for the overall impact on the whole body;
  • local blowing oxygen-ozone mixture of affected areas;
  • using ozonated oils;
  • by the use of ozonized water.

Ozone is successfully combined in complex with other drugs and physical methods of exposure, which increases its effectiveness and allows to reduce the dosage.

Contraindications to ozone therapy

Before using ozone therapy, consult your doctor, as there may be contraindications, it is:
• allergies and intolerance to ozone
• heart attack and heart failure
• thyroid disease
• chronic diseases in the stage of exacerbations
• pregnancy and lactation
• poor blood clotting
• bleeding (including monthly)
• oncology.

How ozone works

During the life of the body water from the surface of the skin evaporates quickly. Inside the body, moisture is also needed to constantly maintain tissue regeneration processes. As a result of water scarcity, the skin ages quickly, becomes covered with wrinkles, and accumulates harmful substances.

Ozone saves this situation by working as a vehicle – delivers water to the cells and simultaneously removes all unnecessary things from them: toxins, pathogenic bacteria, fungi, infections and viruses – and makes the cells work in full force.

This enriches the body with oxygen, dilates blood vessels, accelerates blood circulation, stimulates the process of splitting fats and begins the active production of immune cells'.

Ozone Therapy against cellulite and excess weight

Injection of ozone under the skin in problem areas is one of the safest and most effective methods fat burning, cellulite and stretch marks treatments.

Ozone Therapy can be used on any part of the body: face, neck, arms, waist, abdomen, thighs and buttocks, as well as for General weight loss.

The Appearance of the so-called "orange peel" occurs in places where fat cells are unevenly connected to each other. Ozone, getting into these problem areas, burns excess fats, cellulite "nodes" at the same time dissolve, and the skin becomes uniformly smooth and elastic.

Due to the fact that ozone and fat cells incompatible with each other, the active onset of ozone displaces fats along with toxins and toxins, after which the skin becomes fresh and rejuvenated.

To enhance this effect, it is recommended to massage the problem areas before and after ozone injections. Massage before injections is necessary for the fastest penetration of ozone into tissues, and after injections massage is necessary for a more uniform distribution of ozone under the skin.

Intravenous method ozone therapy, using a dropper, is suitable for getting rid of excess weight, viruses and infections. In this case, there is a General effect on all organs and systems of the body: all cells of the body are filled with oxygen, accelerated blood circulation and lymph circulation, immunity increases, normalizes metabolism, is completely eliminated fatigue of the body.

Correction prescribed 8 or more Wellness treatments once or twice a week or every other day – it depends on the state of health, which will determine your doctor.

The Results of ozone therapy

After the first procedures, many people have a pronounced improvement in mood and a decrease in the volume of problem areas.

Don't stop thinking that since you already lost a little weight, then the process will go by itself. You need to go through the entire course of the prescribed procedures to secure the result, and that the lost weight is not returned in multiple size.

The Advantage of ozone therapy is that in most cases it does not require prior local anesthesia, as the injections with the thinnest needles are painless.

After a course of ozone therapy, a person does not need a rehabilitation period, as, for example, after liposuction.

And there are no side effects after ozone treatment.

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