Over two billion overweight people live in the world

Over two billion overweight people live in the worldOver the past three decades, the total number of obese and overweight people has increased by almost 2.5 times: if at the beginning of the eighties of the last century there were about 860 million overweight people, now the figure has increased to 2.1 billion. So say the results of a long-term study of human health in the framework of the scientific program Global Burden Of Disease Study, which was completed last year. The results were soon published in the Lancet.

More Than 50 percent of overweight people are citizens of the following countries: USA, Germany, China, Russia, Mexico, Egypt, India, Pakistan. For 30 years, much the problem of obesity among the female population in Egypt, Oman, Honduras and Saudi Arabia has increased, while among the male population the problem has increased in the United States, Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

In Addition, the authors of the study emphasize that no successful results in the fight against obesity have been recorded for 30-35 years. Klim MacPherson, Professor at the University of Oxford, believes that if the population tends to lower rates in 1980, when obesity has not yet been so prevalent, in which case it is necessary to reduce food consumption to 80 per cent.

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