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Orange diet and fitnessdo you Know what clients do not like fitness professionals? Not those who are engaged in full-time or constantly whine in training, their competent coach will be able to inspire them to achieve results. The most terrible person is a purposeful lady, with perseverance, worthy of a samurai of the 16th century, eating only fruits and vegetables, and disappearing for hours in the fitness center.

Persuade such a person is almost impossible. Sooner or later, girl gets is not a divine figure and not fabulous health.

    Orange diet, which has become popular in recent years, is not the best diet for a fitness lover. Why? Let's take a closer look.

Rules of orange diet for weight loss

Recall diet menu for weight loss with citrus fruits:

First week: 1 kg of oranges and 4 boiled eggs per day, additionally you can drink tea and coffee and just it is necessary – water without gas.

Second week: 1 kg oranges and 1 Cup of grits cooked without salt and oil. You can eat buckwheat, barley, brown and wild rice, lentils, beans, peas, quinoa, soy. You can not – semolina and instant porridge. All drinks except clean water and 1-2 glasses of green tea per day are prohibited.

Third week: 1 kg oranges and 1 kg any vegetables and fruits in day. Mango, bananas, papaya and just potatoes. But you can add to the fed up green tea a Cup of natural freshly brewed coffee.

You have to Eat fractionally. It is desirable to divide all "allowed food" into 4-5 portions and eat every 4-5 hours. If you do not want to chew oranges, it is allowed to prepare a thick juice with pulp or smoothies, but you can not increase the number of fruits.

Why orange diet is incompatible with active fitness

Three strength training sessions a week "require" you to increase your protein intake by about 0. 5 g per 1 kg of body weight.

    Let's Say you weigh 60 kg. According to who standards, you should "eat" 30 g of pure protein per day to maintain a good metabolic rate, and tissue regeneration. If you went to the gym or to group strength classes, or do at home with dumbbells, you should add another 30 g of pure protein per day, otherwise the body will experience stress, and begin to spend your own muscles to maintain life.

The Result of such a "shift" of metabolism can be a banal reduction in the need for calories. Simply put, you will begin to recover "from the air" at the end diets.

Now let's let's count how much protein and calories gives us orange diet.

  • First week of diet – 652 kcal and 33 g protein.
  • the Second, in average, 938 kcal and 22 g protein, with inadequate.
  • Third week – 551 kcal and 15 g of protein per day.

Not Only does the caloric content of the diet fall short of 1200 kcal, which is safe for health and metabolic rate, but also protein here is enough, except that, a girl who weighs 60 kg and leads a sedentary lifestyle.

How does a lover of extreme diets after a couple of weeks of combining a diet with low calorie and active aerobic and strength training? In a swimsuit – not very. The problem is that if the body does not receive enough protein, the muscles become flabby. In the end, no elastic buttocks or toned press this athlete is not getting. Is worth whether talk about the feeling of fatigue and constant hunger that pursue a lover of high-speed weight loss? I think the conclusion suggests itself.

If you are used to lose weight on a strict orange diet, for your own health, reduce the amount of training. Go for those three weeks to a yoga Studio or Pilates, and intensive cardio replace with brisk walking.

Or, that even more effectively, pick a itself balanced diet for weight loss, and lose weight with your favorite workouts.

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