Only three exercises to maintain the tone of the whole body

Sedentary lifestyle leads to weight gain and development of many diseases. And daily sports trainings help to keep health and a beautiful figure even if on time they take only 15 minutes.

You can Keep your body in good shape by doing a few simple exercises. And they do not require good physical training or the use of special sports inventory's.

1. Plank

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Plank is a static exercise that works on all muscle groups. Elbows must be strictly under the shoulders, eyes in front of him. Do not clamp the neck and shoulders.  Legs and abdomen strain (otherwise the entire load will be directed to the lower back). You can bring your feet together, or you can spread them a little. The closer the feet are to each other, the harder and more effective the exercise will become.

Important! Do not round or arch your back. The body should form a straight line.

Follow the bar in 3-4 sets. Hold your position as long as possible, but finish the exercise as soon as you feel that you can not hold the correct position. Do not fall to the floor in a fit of powerlessness – first gently lower your knees. 


2. Bike

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Exercise bike know everything since kindergarten, but for some reason rarely use it. But it effectively helps to remove the protruding stomach and sides, and also makes the legs more slender.

The Technique of this exercise is very simple. Lying on your back, lift your shoulders and place your hands behind your head. Start to turn imaginary pedal. The right elbow pull to the left knee and Vice versa.

Important! Make sure that the shoulders do not touch the floor, and try to further compress the muscles of the buttocks, legs and abdomen.

Perform 3-4 sets of 16-20 times.

3. Gluteal bridge

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This is quite interesting and in the same time a simple rubber. For him execution lie on a Mat, bend legs at the knees and make an emphasis on the heels. On exhale tear off the buttocks from the floor, stay in this position for a couple of seconds and go back.  In order not to tear the waist, squeeze the muscles of the perineum and keep your knees straight – do not part them to the side. From the gluteal bridge you need to fall on your back very carefully – do not plop directly on the floor, and gradually fall, starting from the blades and ending with the lower back.

Execute the gluteal bridge 3 sets of 15 times.

Important! Always warm up before training to avoid injury. And after exercise to do stretching for faster muscle recovery.

Spending just 15 minutes a day to perform three exercises in return you will receive good health and beautiful body!

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